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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    Every thief has an apologist, every single one… Go take your lies and shilling elsewhere.
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    They could write the book but they’d never be able to get it shipped…
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    Displaying some axes and hatchets...

    I've accumulated a few axes and hatchets that I'd like to hang or otherwise display in my woodworking shop. Caveat, the shop is a structure I created by putting up walls between and adding a roof between (2) cargo/shipping containers. The interior walls are metal. Very hard metal. Looking for...
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    Mod a Mora for EDC & Self Defense?

    If the victims had been carrying Moras would they still be victims? Your example speaks more about their offensive qualities rather than their value as self defense weapons.
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    Modern fighting knives? Not military combat!

    Still reconciling the living a way out in the country part with the fear of being seen carrying a gun while tending the fence line parts but this has been incredibly entertaining so far.
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    John le Carré RIP

    A wonderful writer and a Greyhound guy! His books are amazing. Sorry to hear of his passing.
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    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel. should have stopped earlier when you were making cogent responses. Threatening to "take off the gloves" on an Internet forum is just stupid, funny but stupid. Demand to leave things alone on a forum where everything you have to say or have said can be ignored with a couple of key...
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    Requesting Gareth Bull Shamwari Advice

    EVERY thief has an apologist...every one of them.
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    Pick One - LT Wright Genesis Scandi or Bark River Bravo 1? (Both in 3V)

    So you didn't really mean it when you the wrote the following: "Without getting into ANY further discussion as to the intended use, class of knife, cons and pros or other details, etc. " Good thread...
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    Recommendation? 440C vs D2 steel for a Ganzo knife?

    Would you mind not posting anymore? Thanks.
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    Can & bottle openers on knives in 2020, purposeless

    I'm sure there's a point to the above... I bet you're wrong, show your work.
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    Some thoughts about carrying a pocket knife...

    Why would you hide a knife in checked baggage? I fly pretty frequently and put my 2 EDC knives in a small pouch and then into a pocket inside my checked bag. Never had an issue with them being not being hidden.
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    My knife doesn't exist.

    Would you mind not posting anymore? Thanks.
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    Patriot Bladewerx...

    I make it a habit to not buy products from companies who can't spell common words like "works". It's not new, it's not edgy, it's just dumb.
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    My knife design [ pics ] - is it worth to start a Kickstarter?

    I'm curious, how many knives have you actually made? Not renderings, physical knives.
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    Why so binary...?
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    Need help with new strider SNG

    Seriously, please stop posting. You're an embarrassment.