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  1. Max Ec

    All sold...

    If the chub falls through, I'll get it. V1 and V2 both ok. In case, PM me!
  2. Max Ec

    Jarosz Globetrotter with Joufuu Sheath and TI Survival Bead

    machinaexmente over-at Thanks!
  3. Max Ec

    Lil NAtive Rex 45

    I'll take it!
  4. Max Ec

    Les George VECP V3

    I'll take it if not gone
  5. Max Ec

    Spydercos for sale

    Ill take the Cat if still available. PMing.
  6. Max Ec

    Medford Infraction - Full PVD - REDUCED TO SELL

    Could you point out where the ding is or post a close up of it? Thanks!!
  7. Max Ec

    Price drop

    Buyer or seller tell us which steel that Pilar was :-) If the model number on the blade ends in "1" it's the 12c27 version, if it ends in "2" it's the s35vn one.
  8. Max Ec

    The Cold-Steel-Sale...SALE! [Bundle]

    Now that Cold Steel sails in uncharted waters here's your chance to grab a deal on a few of their knives before they disappear! #1 Dropped Forged Hunter in 52100. NIB. #2 1911 Flipper in 4034. NIB. #3 SR1 Lite Drop Point. Never carried. Cut a few things at home, got addicted to the action and...
  9. Max Ec

    McNees PM1

    Received and feedback left.
  10. Max Ec

    Good knives...great prices

    Post for feedback. TS264 received.
  11. Max Ec

    Chaves 2020 group knife

    Sorry forgot to confirm. Received and all well. Feedback left. If you care to do the same that'd be awesome. Thanks and happy holidays!
  12. Max Ec

    Cold Steel 4Max Scout

    I'll take it!
  13. Max Ec

    Spyderco 2020 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I have my Maxamet Sage :))