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    ZT 0392BWBRZ Hinderer Blackwash/Bronze

    I'll offer 350.00.. I usually only buy bnib
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    WTT Todd Begg

    For trade... Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega "Batman" blue/ black . This is a one of one. Email for pics . Wanting Shirogorov 111cf... Others possibly considered... Can add cash for deal [email protected]
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    Only wanting the 560
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    Trusted a seller...

    You mean when? Yesterday afternoon
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    Trusted a seller...

    No... I was doing him a favor on f&f... Not again
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    Trusted a seller...

    Bought a ZT blu Bowie from a guy and he assured me it was bnib/ mint... I wasn't home and my gf opened it up for me a described it to me as she opened it.( It was not way no how in shipping as it was packaged very well) .. it had a scratch on handle and had modeling / wear around...
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    Custom Medford

    Fire sale...all in 700.00 A Must see... Having hard time posting pics on this site from my phone
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    WTT ZT 0392's

    Still available?
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    Any left hand friendly knives?

    There are a few manufacturers that make a real lefty ( not a clip change).. Chris Reeves and Olamic.. Medford.. and a few others... Most BM's and ZT's have multiple clip placements
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    Custom Medford

    Custom Medford Praetorian T Vulcan finish Bnib.. beautiful of a kind with all original documents and boxes Email for pics [email protected] 800.00
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    FS Medford Praetorian T D2

    Bnib ...message for pics ..for or trade for Shiro or Begg.. can add cash 600.00