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    Traveling with knives

    I've come through Beijing several times with a suit case full of cleavers with no problems. Take duct tape and wrap them up in cardboard or newspaper as best you can.
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    New Council Hudson Bay Just Dropped

    I tried to get a well known Portland smith to make a Hudson bay with a boys axe handle poll. The plan was to use a famous knife designer's name (everyone here would know him) on them as a bushcraft axe. The smith provided me with a prototype but it was next to worthless for chopping. Not sure...
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    Blade Show West

    They made a mistake moving the show out of Portland. No way I'm going to spend a dime in California.
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    The ever controversial Musso Bowie knife

    It was one of the worst attempts at a historical knife article I have ever read. And then they had to turn it into a multi issue story about nothing but fantasy conjuring.
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    Inexpensive with good quality like Victorinox, Mora and Opinel?

    I never found banding to be 100% reliable and you take a big dock on price for calves that are still carrying one. My vet said to cut them all and that is what I did as long as i was running my small herd.
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    PJ Tomes information

    P.J. has kind of been in and out of knife making for the last decade or so. Spent some time living in Costa Rica and then Thailand. He came back to the states and I thought he told me he was going to start knife making again but I haven't heard anything from him for a while.
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    Knife for Hog Hunting and Dispatching…What Would You Choose?

    I saw some pony size wild boar in the jungles of Viet Nam I don't think were escaped domestic animals for sure.
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    "Moose" v "Trapper"?

    I live in elk country and I know plenty of hunters that have used one or the other on these animals. Moose pattern folders are harder to fine these days than trappers. Not many Case dealers left here in the Northwest.
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    Knife for Hog Hunting and Dispatching…What Would You Choose?

    T The F. Dick sticking knife is very popular on Australian and New Zealand hunting supply websites for hog hunting. They probably do more of this than Americans.
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    "Moose" v "Trapper"?

    I don't think it really matters. Which ever fits your hand best, I've known professional outdoor people and big game nunters that have carried both.
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    $700.00 on two Cutco knives???

    I've known people from the Cut Co company. The whole plan was/is to send college kids out selling them door to door. Even Cut Co will tell you this all falls apart after the kids sell their parents, grand parents and maybe a few close family and friends. For most sales drop to about zero in the...
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    Does anyone actually use a Case Bowie

    Both the Western and the Case were fairly common private purchase knives in Viet Nam. There were many that thought it was a great jungle knife but that is what it was designed for in first place as part of the Air Corp bail out kit.
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    Any Honk Falls Collectors?

    Really like that pattern. Looks like a serious outdoor work knife. I wish somebody would copy it today, maybe Great Eastern?
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    Selling junk to tourists is an ancient profession

    But why not check luggage? I've shipped all manner of blades from around the world home that way. The only problem I've had was when they made me recheck my luggage in Shanghai. If its going to be a problem if they recheck your luggage NEVER fly through Shanghai. There is a lot more to that...
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    Italian Traditional Knives!!

    Look around the Bay and you can find a variety blade lengths of the narrow pointy folders from M. Fraracco. My largest has a 5.75-inch blade. The prices are modest and they come straight Italy.
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    man vs. cottonwood

    Time to put the back cut into that thing before she twists around and falls on his house!
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    Axe video thread

    Maybe Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock mostly started on stumps and nurse logs but I don't think you will find many old growth Douglas Fir that did. You can look at the 100+ year old spring board marked stumps on my tree farm for proof of that. When I was running tree planting crews it was...
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    Nelson knife

    I have one too. He was profiled in Soldier of Fortune. Had to move back to the US when Rhodesia fell and was having a hard time getting his medical degree approved for practice in the US. Haven't heard anything about him for years though.
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    Imperial ?

    It was just an attempt by Schrade/Camillus/Imperial to utilize their M-7 bayonet tooling to cash in on the survival knife market.