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  1. Hotshot10

    SOLD Surefire X300U-A

    Funds sent.
  2. Hotshot10

    WTS Surefire E2D

    Hi all, Up for your consideration is a good condition Surefire E2D Defender. It is a slightly older model rated for 200 lumens on high and five lumens on low. It functions perfectly, although there is noticeable wear to the anodizing on both ends (see pictures). It comes with box and papers...
  3. Hotshot10

    SOLD Surefire X300U-A

    I'll take the Surefire. Send me a PM with PayPal payment details, please.
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    Cheapest combo to cover all your knife needs? More suggestions is welcome

    Mora Garberg Victorinox Hiker (maybe Fieldmaster) With the above pairing, the only problem that I see would be filleting a fish. Even the Mora Companion isn't great at that, and the Garberg is quite thick. Other than that, those two are quite useful in many, many situations. I might swap the...
  5. Hotshot10

    Wts Goruck bullets and Rucker

    Where were these made? Thanks!
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    Link in exchange sticky

    Hi mods, I have a request. We have the following link in the sticky on the For Sale: Gadgets & Gear forum: link 1 ( Can we add link 2 ( to that sticky as well? I think it might...
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    WTS Patagonia Men's Bivy Jacket (Large)

    Up for your consideration is a Patagonia Bivy jacket (size: men's large) in excellent condition. I purchased it in like-new condition and have not abused it. The jacket has no rips, stains, or tears, and it comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. It fits me well (5' 11" and 170 lbs.) and is warm...
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    WTS Patagonia Men's Bivy Jacket (Large)

    Price drop below.
  9. Hotshot10

    SAK replacement scales

    I've got a Hiker that I want to swap from red to black. I have an orange lanyard / black gear thing going on right now, and my Hiker's scales are pretty beat anyway. :D Do any of the forum vendors carry replacement SAK scales? I'll post a picture when I'm done.
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    Organizer pouch suggestions

    Wow. That looks great, and the price is really good. I really like small niche companies, so that's a bonus. Thanks!
  11. Hotshot10

    Organizer pouch suggestions

    I'll have a look at Maxpedition. Thanks!
  12. Hotshot10

    Organizer pouch suggestions

    I'm looking for an organizer pouch in ranger green, coyote, or possibly black. Eventually, it is going onto the front of a GoRuck GR1. I have a few specifications. 1. Made of Cordura or similar material. 2. Made with elastic loops / similar loops inside for holding knives, lights, etc. or with...
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    Couple o' Benchmades, Couple o' ZTs, and a William Henry

    Funds sent on the 0562 as discussed per PM. Thanks!
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    I'm jealous. :D
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    I don't own one personally, but I would buy a Brad Zinker Urban Trapper if I had a bunch of money burning a hole in my pocket. Sleek lines. The MKM Zieba Flame Drop Point looks like it's a little more in my budget range with a similar design.
  16. Hotshot10

    Belgium Browning SA .22 take down rifle

    I believe that you have a Browning SA-22 there and that the case is the Model 1815. At any rate, that is one heck of a rifle you have there.
  17. Hotshot10

    GORUCK GR2 USA made 40L version

    Is the GoRuck the 34L or 40L version?