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    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    LMAO. He probably bought a hundred of them then manufactured the hype to drive up the price. Smart man that ShiBizz. Had one a few years ago when they were in regular production and have no regrets about selling it. After owning one I can also say: There are soooo many other knives I wish...
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    Review Before you order @ Blade HQ

    And that's the problem..people think all states automatically charge a sales tax on any sale over the internet from a different state but that's not how it works..every state has minimum thresholds for charging internet sales tax..the lone exception being my home state(Tenessee)the...
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    In praise of the (disappearing) Slysz Bowie...

    This one first please..3V which is rare for doesn't go for peanuts on the secondary markets either..
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    Bring Back The Slysz Bowie?

    The big auction site sold listings tell the tale.. Learned the hard way..When the Tuff went discontinued I stupidly thought "they'll be in stock for awhile"..2 or 3 months went by and was ready to purchase but couldn't find one anywhere and the price had already went up past my comfort zone...
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    Bring Back The Slysz Bowie?

    Can't limit this to just one knife..Lets bring back all Spydercos with Ridiculous / Outrageous prices on the secondary markets so everyone is happy.. Spyderco Tuff.. Spyderco Burch Chubby.. Spyderco Sage 2.. Spyderco Sage 3.. Spydeco Sage 4.. Spyderco Red 4V Shaman.. Spyderco Jade M4 Shaman...
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    Warning on PM2 10V

    What were you thinking here? Have you ever heard of Amazon? They've got them for less than $20 to high dollar ones..
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    Warning Regarding "blademan007"

    Wow! Pre 9/11..Anyone born when this thread was started has now graduated..oldest thread I've ever seen dug up anywhere..
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    What is your pick for best self defense Spydie

    I guess someone could be stabbed multiple times by one of these and not feel/notice it but I'm not sure who? Thing is I do carry one these when out walking etc. but not for 2 legged threats..around here I worry wayyy more about the 4 legged large wild dog threats..very rural and there have been...
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    2020 prices

    Can't limit this dream to just one knife..Lets bring back ALL Spydercos with Ridiculous / Outrageous prices on the secondary markets so EVERYONE is happy.. Spyderco Tuff.. the Rex 45 Sprints.. Spyderco Red 4V Shaman.. Spyderco Jade M4 Shaman.. Spyderco Shaman Micarta/Cruwear.. Rivers Edge...
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    Shaman sprint run?

    You could start up your own knife company and show everyone how its done.
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    Any Idea When the Spyderco Advocate Gen 2 Will Arrive?

    But acording to TazKristi the date code is not a 100% guarantee.. from this this thread.. Quoting her along with the pic she posted from that thread: "The date code cannot be used as a reliable reference as to whether or not you...
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    That Endura

    Still using the Super Blue Endura..
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    Is sebenza worth the money?

    One of those cases where you can get a million different opinions but ultimately the only way to know is to get one and see if its worth it to You..
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    New Bento Box Exclusive?

    Its a BBS exclusive and is a Para 2 with a ranger green G10 handle and K390 steel blade.
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    New Bento Box Exclusive?

    That will be a regular sprint run available at all the dealers, not just Bento.
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    Off Centered Milli 52100 CF

    Followed this video awhile back to fix mine and it worked..
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    Knife Center Exclusive Cru-Wear.

    Just for a change from black I kind of wish they would have went the same smooth forest green they used on the s90v Native 5 exclusive they did a couple of years ago..
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    DLT Paramilitary 2 Tan/Black 20CV

    The $149 price tag is making this one hard to pass up. A couple of the standard S30V Para 2's are more than this dealer exclusive.
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    DLT Paramilitary 2 Tan/Black 20CV

    Yeah, I also like the color combo on this one.