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  1. EggRolled

    Full custom Cheburkov Kasatka (Sold)

    Up for sale is my full custom Cheburkov Kasatka in full Timascus with mirror polished Damascus blade. A truly beautiful knife with great action, solid lockup and good centering. One small mark on pivot from tightening to fix centering and is shown in one of the pictures. Looking for a quick sale...
  2. EggRolled

    Benchmade Crooked River (sold)

    Today i have for sale a Benchmade Crooked River in G-10. I purchased this directly from a local AD about a month ago. I liked it in store but when I got home found it to be just slightly too large for my tastes. Centering is great and action smooth. Never carried or cut anything with it...
  3. EggRolled

    Curtiss Aero Front Flipper

    I'll take this. Can you email me at [email protected]?
  4. EggRolled

    FS TRM Atom (sold)

    Sold to boinkman who had first reply. Thanks all.
  5. EggRolled

    FS TRM Atom (sold)

    I have for sale a TRM Atom in fluted carbon fiber. Picked this up a couple weeks ago on this forum and realized I'm just not much of a thumb stud guy. It's lnib condition, can't find any marks on it. I never carried it just fidgeted with it a little. Great action, good centering and solid...
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  7. EggRolled

    BladesWeLove ZT 450(sold) and (PM2 sold)

    I have a couple knives for sale. Good prices on both to move them fast. All prices are PP G&S and will be shipped priority in the lower 48. Thanks for looking. First is a BladesWeLove custom ano ZT 0450 in the flowmascus pattern. Absolutely amazing knife with one of the best actions ever on a...
  8. EggRolled

    Kershaw Launch 10(sold)

    I have a Kershaw Launch 10 lnib for sale. I have never carried but it has been fondled some. This is a small snappy auto that is CA legal. Awesome little knife. Asking $sold PP G&S including shipping in the lower 48. Link below for pics. Thanks for looking. Kershaw Launch 10...
  9. EggRolled

    BWL ZT 0450, PM2, Squid Triton (Price Drop)

    I have several knives for sale priced to move fast. All knives will be PP G&S and includes priority shipping in the lower 48. Thanks for looking. First is a BladesWeLove custom ano ZT 0450 in the flowmascus pattern. Absolutely amazing knife with one of the best actions ever on a production...
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    spf to @Bubbicus. Please post your email so I can send payment info.
  12. EggRolled

    Both Sold

    I just purchased these a couple weeks ago to try traditionals for the first time. Really like the knives but will stick to modern folders so these are going up for sale. Both of these are lnit. Fondled but never carried or cut anything. 1st is a GEC 97 in the yellow rose bone. A slightly...
  13. EggRolled

    Curtiss F3 Medium (Sold)

    Up for sale is a Curtiss F3 medium with milled and torched ti handles. This thing is an absolute beast. Great action with a snappy detent. This thing flies open. Great centering and solid lockup. This knife is lnib carried only a couple times but has never cut anything. Ok, really motivated to...
  14. EggRolled


    Thinning the heard and while this is an awesome knife it just isn't getting pocket time. Up for sale is a Lionsteel SR11 in red. Awesome knife that is lnib. Has been fondled but never carried or cut anything. Great action and solid lockup. This is a big beefy blade that begs to be used. Asking...
  15. EggRolled

    (Traded) Shiro Hati R for Grimsmo Norseman

    Just purchased this off the forums. Great knife. Best action I have ever had on a knife. Fit and finish is perfect. Solid lockup. This is the MRBS version with M390. Looking to trade for a Norseman but will entertain other custom or high end production knives. Not looking for multiples...