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  1. sXePhenomenal

    Serrated Edge vs. Straight Edge

    I only carry a serrated edge folder outside when I go deep in to the woods with my atv. A lot easier to cut vines and other growth off you when they get wrapped and tangled on your vehicle or if they’re in the way
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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    A Terzuola ATCF
  3. sXePhenomenal

    Help Me With My First Nice Fixed Blade

    Here is what I usually carry. A Spartan Blades CQB tool paired with a folder for cutting things. Some others I’ve considered that aren’t small daggers are the Kabar Hinderer Hellfire, Clinch pick, and Spartan blades Shinto for something larger but those are a different in the way you use them so...
  4. sXePhenomenal

    Bolsters...offer protection?

    I dropped my Case Bose Premium stockman and it did land on the bolster and beat it up pretty bad and slightly backed out the pivot pin. The cover took zero damage.
  5. sXePhenomenal

    High end knives

    I carry a DLT fullered spearpoint XM-18 most days I’ve been carrying the XM-18 in general for almost 3 years. Highly recommend the DLT versions for the looks and thinner grinds
  6. sXePhenomenal

    2021 CRKT Releases

    The Eric Ochs intention looks cool
  7. sXePhenomenal

    2021 CRKT Releases

    I like the PSD model but 8cr and assisted. The blade shape looks awesome the rest is not. I also like the small fixed blade they shoulda made that little thing 12c27
  8. sXePhenomenal

    Ruple-Moki Custom

    I think they 4 1/8 closed
  9. sXePhenomenal

    Ruple-Moki Custom

    Thought about picking one up but at $425 there other things I’d like to pick up over it
  10. sXePhenomenal

    Boker "Tree Brand Classic" Solingen knives

    Beautiful collection of lockbacks! I’ve been wanting to get one of the stag folding hunters but the price is pretty steep especially on the Damascus.
  11. sXePhenomenal

    Boker "Tree Brand Classic" Solingen knives

    Picked this beauty up the other night finally ran in to one of the 440C numbered stag models for a reasonable price. They tend to have better covers and this one is fantastic. The last stag stockman I had while perfect F&F had some fat ugly covers and C75.
  12. sXePhenomenal

    Anyone knows what's happening with Al Mar Knives?

    Thanks for the Moki recommendation. The Kronos is a beautiful knife. I love traditional knives and I’m gonna have to pick one of the stag bone versions up
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    Boker "Tree Brand Classic" Solingen knives

    I wish they’d make some 3 blade stockman knives in that plum wood they’ve been using lately or one in the O1 steel they’ve been using
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    Knives you gifted or received for Christmas.

    I got a Hogue K320 Tanto. I’ve not bought myself a knife yet last two years I’ve gotten myself something nice last year a XM-18 the year before that a Case Tony Bose Premium stockman. Not decided yet I want to get a FOBOS tier 1 mini if I can find an acid wash version
  15. sXePhenomenal

    Modern fighting knives? Not military combat!

    I have a CRK Pacific on my plate carrier hell of knife. FOBOS is about to release the Tier 1 at the beginning of the year look in to that if you don’t like the Pacific. Both are 6.5” blades. I’d be all over it but I have no need for it man it’s sweet
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    Is the Case stockman the most popular pocket knife ever made?

    The sak doesn’t count in my opinion. It’s a bunch of tools that one of them is a blade. Unpopular one probably
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    Who Makes The Best Stockman?

    Best current production stockman is easily Böker Solingen. It’s between Case and Böker and Böker wins very easily. Historically it’s hard to say outside of customs. That Ken Erickson stockman is incredible if he was making knives I’d 100% buy one. The early 1900s Case stockmans look...
  18. sXePhenomenal

    Two blade to one blade

    I’ve been on Glenns wait list for about a year anyone you contact will probably not be taking work or you’ll have a long wait. Worth the wait for anyone willing to do it
  19. sXePhenomenal

    Ranking knife brands by CATRA testing

    Catra testing has already been shown to be a joke. I guess you all aren’t aware of this. You can look it up on YouTube. But you’ll probably just dismiss it if you don’t like the people involved the way it’s told or just don’t want it to be true.