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  1. Grenock

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    Congrats Dan! I can help you with the knife funds, I’ll send you my shopping list, you know what’s at the top….😁
  2. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    That sounds like after business hours, he probably should go get a motel room.
  3. Grenock

    After Sale Lounge

    The forum software wouldn't accept the second post for thirty seconds after the first one. Gave me a message box with how long before I could post again. The screen refreshed for me immediately too, but it wouldn't take the post until I waited. Figured there was no way I would still be in for...
  4. Grenock

    SOLD, Big Sale, Fifty! Basic 5" Field Knife, Delta 3V

    Sweet, I'll be in touch Mama Jo, thanks CPK!
  5. Grenock

    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    F#*k that field knife, you made the right choice!
  6. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    Look at the brass balls on that guy!
  7. Grenock

    aganj left a negative feedback when there was no transaction

    Seemed like a perfectly good fried chicken recipe to me, brother.
  8. Grenock

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    If I were to gamble, I would say the signature series will have the following features that the basic line lacks…… Chamfering Lanyard hole Jimping on thumb ramp Wider scale selection Maybe sharpened at a more acute DPS Signature maker’s mark …….but I could lose my ass in that gamble too, so...
  9. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    Who’s this Harambe you are looking for?
  10. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    That what I was thinking, made me come up with a few questions…… Why does Nathan have chloroform? You think he would let me have some? Anybody have an old van and a cabin in the woods I could borrow for a weekend?
  11. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    My seven year old wanted to get this shirt today. At first glance, I immediately said no, but then, I asked her to read what it said. She carefully sounded out each word, letter for letter, I was so proud. Needless to say, but we still didn’t get the shirt.
  12. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    Send me a PM
  13. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    Nathan, please have Jo send me an invoice for that old, unloved blade. I have one hole in the collection that only one of those can fill.😜
  14. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    Damn, Ron, just damn.
  15. Grenock

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    $3.87 at Wallyworld will sharpen that thing right up! #stillnotnathan
  16. Grenock

    Random Thought Thread

    What forum am I in again?
  17. Grenock

    Changes, looking for feedback

    I like all three, especially the idea of not selling through Amazon.
  18. Grenock

    Poll: How many people are in for 22" CPK Notta-Katana

    Seems like a silly project overall, but will buy one if Nathan makes it.