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    Shaman pb washer size

    If I had a shaman, I'd gladly measure the washers for you, but I don't. Can I ask why you're wanting to know?
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    New S30v sharpening technique

    Same here except my coarse is eze-lap, I don't pull through wood, and I do it with all my steels.
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    Heat Treatment - Crystal Weaving Foundation

    It doesn’t surprise me the 2 high speed tool steels had the best edge stability amongst those tested. I appreciate Luong’s work.
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    what can I use as a sanding plate?

    I use The Ultimate Sandpaper Holder by Kasfly (CZAR Precision)
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    Help with steel decision

    Just for the record, that is a Sal Glesser quote. The combination of light shorts, running, and soaked with sweat screams something like a native5 LW salt. Either H1 or LC would be my pick for this specialized purpose.
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    Steel that performs better when polished, and holds razor sharpness

    The M2 results don't surprise me. I have one at a reported 66.5 and it keeps a keen edge very well. About the only thing I have that rivals it is zdp89 and maxamet. It's probably no coincidence they are all 65+ hrc. I have several lower hardness M2 benchmades that are no slouches. They actually...
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    PM2 Maxamet appreciation thread

    If sharpened properly, I find it holds its razor edge longer than any other steel I've used under most conditions. Same with working edge. Sage 1 is my favorite.
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    Same here.
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    Diamond Sharpening Buck Knife Assistance

    It looks to me as if those scratches are a result of running the edge off the plate.
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    DMT EF/EEF 6" Double sided stone

    Yeah me neither. I worded that wrong. I wish there were C/EEF combos in a 4x2 and wallet sizes. In the meantime at home and on the road, I use a 4x2 C and 1x4 EEF. In the woods I carry C and F wallet size.
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    DMT EF/EEF 6" Double sided stone

    I like the combo of C / EEF.
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    Straight Razor Issue

    I've always wondered if hss would make an adequate razor steel, and enjoyed the detailed play by play. Congratulations on the success.
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    Recommendation? Spyderco Siren C247GP

    The siren should be an excellent choice in corrosive environments. Although mine has not been exposed to salty environments, it's been exposed to a lot of foods that stain some of our other "stainless steel" kitchenware, and so far the siren has been stain proof. I haven't damaged a salt knife...
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    Sharpening K390

    Regardless of steel, synthetic silicon carbide stones like norton crystolon, Baryonyx manticore, etc for thinning, repair, edge setting. Diamond plates for finishing, refining and light apex work. Most of my plates are eze-laps.
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    D2 & CPM154 & S30V & 9CR18MoV/440C?

    For any type of dedicated whittling, I prefer something on the polished end of the spectrum. For critter processing, I prefer a medium toothy edge, such as I get with medium to extra fine diamond plates. This is also what I prefer for all around use. I always finish with diamond, whether it’s...
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    Stiff one

    There are a couple things you can do to lessen spring pressure. Extend it to reach more forward on the lock bar, if there's room, or very slightly bend it. Even so, it will never be as easy and controllable to open as a liner lock. Back locks have the advantages of bias to close and being...
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    Stiff one

    Haven't looked at mine lately but don't think there's any washers in the lightweight model. If the blade moves freely with no lock contact, doesn't that mean the pivot is not binding it? Mine is the same way.
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    Stiff one

    Hold the lock open so that it has no contact with the blade. Is it still stiff?
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    Stiff one

    That's true, my native 5's and other back locks have a lot more resistance opening compared to liner type locks.
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    Stiff one

    Is it smooth or gritty/catchy?