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  1. b.c.molin

    ever feel the need to stop buying knives

    Wise and insightful; I'm trying to do the same. Thanks for all the interesting and honest replies. May 16 was the last time I purchased a knife. That was after buying over a dozen in the first 4 months of this year. The task now being faced is avoiding replacing buying blades with...
  2. b.c.molin

    Happy Birthday Abaniko !!!

    Hiya Abaniko, Hope it is/has been a great day with a sharp present or two ... +++++ And if you thought you were going to miss out, here goes ... just be thankful you can not hear my singing. ;) :D "Happy Birthday To You!!!" "Happy Birthday To You!!!" "Happy Birthday Dear Abaniko,"...
  3. b.c.molin

    CGFBM pimp job part 2

    I have been thinking about getting a Busse BM for well over 4 years. Finally the 'right' knife came within reach, better still it had been purchased by a West Australian 'pimper' whose transformation of production blades into custom creations is top class. ;) I contacted Mr Richard...
  4. b.c.molin

    It's been a while, Cantina

    Congratulations on the good news. Wyatt is a great name choice. Smoke from the seaside.
  5. b.c.molin

    Samsher for 5/11

    You and me both ... this is beautiful and seems a real worker at the same time. You and me both again ... 42 ounces is way too heavy for my ability as a guy in his mid 50's. IMO around 30ounces would be ideal and would have 'sold' along with my name on it .
  6. b.c.molin

    Bonecutter for 5/6

    Thank you Yangdu for your prayers; they are much needed and are greatly appreciated. bruce
  7. b.c.molin

    Pics request: largest specimens of HI models

    I'll put my money on both Cpl Punishment and Wolf_1989 ! ;)
  8. b.c.molin

    The Legend Of The Tibetan Sword and Knife

    A richness of beauty. Number 4 is exquisite, but then all are elegant; thank you Yangdu for these refined additions which will hopefully soon to be added to HI's product lineup. :D I can't imagine what the swords will look like, but I will be getting in line to get one! :thumbup:
  9. b.c.molin

    One Eyed indonesia Sword Arrives!

    A quick delivery and a quick impression. :) However, detailed comparisons and photo's of the Indonesian, and some of your Uddha's, the 'special' Short Tibetan and recently acquired Tarwar will be much more detailed I hope? ;) :p :D
  10. b.c.molin

    Sunday Night with HI one Eye Indonesia Sword

    That is most kind ... maybe I will next time I'm in your neck of the woods!;) :D
  11. b.c.molin

    HI straight razor?

    Mate, think laterally ... sell a bunch of your slabs to HI ! ;)
  12. b.c.molin

    Sunday Night with HI one Eye Indonesia Sword

    I knew there must have been a reason whyI could not connect to BF yesterday ... to save me from myself from myself and give Abaniko another sword I wish I had! :p At 38ounces, that's a lot less than my 48oz monster. :eek: Happy swinging, and hope we get lots of photo's and impressions...
  13. b.c.molin

    Farmcata Deals for 5/1

    Great efforts Karda, they all look good! :thumbup: It will be great if DOTD's can continue while Yangdu is away, the shark's will continue to be fed. :D Congratulations on your new job, but I'm sure you will still be around enough to keep Howard from having to get too tough with us old...
  14. b.c.molin

    Light Weight Ang Khola for Weekend Backpack

    From what the old timers here say, Uncle Bill would have said "the Khuk picks you, not you it!" If memory serves, Cpl. Punishment is a holder of such beliefs as well as myself. ;) Enjoy! :thumbup:
  15. b.c.molin

    Cold Steel O Tanto choice?

    Thank you for the information and will look forward to your impressions too. :thumbup:
  16. b.c.molin

    Light Weight Ang Khola for 4/28

    This Khuk is truly a classic beauty. :) Congrat's to its owner. :thumbup:
  17. b.c.molin

    Special Orders Update

    Sad tidings, sad times for Nepal and her people. Like many others, if there is anything I can do to help HI and the Kami's, please advise.
  18. b.c.molin

    Short sword for battling zombies

    Thanks for the info ... patiently waiting for it, sure it will be informative! :thumbup:
  19. b.c.molin

    When was the last time your HI piece scared the soul outta ......?

    Don't know if 'scared' is the right word, but earlier this afternoon I had the chance to show my 22inch/45ounces Dui Chira to a non-Khuk knife owner: - his eye's opened wide, a broad grin appeared on his face and I said "knife folks don't know what big is until they see and hold the larger model...
  20. b.c.molin

    Ganga Ram Special for 4/27

    Enjoy it, you are benefiting more folks than only yourself, and let the future hold what it may! :) :thumbup: