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  1. Deinos

    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    That's awesome! Congrats on the new gig 🙌
  2. Deinos

    FINAL REDUCTIONS: Patagonia Stormsurge Sling and lumbar, GORUK GR1, Arcteryx Q5, Dana Design Dry Rib and a Littmann stethoscope

    I'll take the GR1 for the $175 shipped via PP G&S if it is still available. PM Sent. ---------------- Edit: Payment sent for the GR1 based on our PMs. Thanks again!
  3. Deinos

    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Haha, no worries! Life happens.... and it was like a Xmas in Spring surprise when I got them 😁 ---------- Was just chatting with Chad and realized I haven't checked in in awhile. How have y'all been? Been a busy summer here, and I have still been on the buying WAYYYYYY too many knives...
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    Recommendation? Battle of the small, deep choil, fixed blades! BG 3.5 vs WRK&T Backpacker/Caper

    @ddarker I liked the size of the 3.5, but I wasn't a fan of the lack of contouring. I ended up landing on the Guardian 3 Sheepsfoot (V4E steel), and it was a good compromise of the contouring of the 3 while giving you the sharpening choil so you weren't right up on the blade if you have thicker...
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Their site definitely struggled under the weight of server requests... managed to get through and snag one, but had my doubts that I was going to be able to check out before inventory hit zero...
  6. Deinos

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Tried to use the "oh, they'll sellout quickly" excuse to convince myself I didn't need one... purposely stayed away at release time... so, of course they were still available when I checked later... and I bought oneo_O
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    Decided to give it a shot as well. If I like it, will probably swap out the scales though. Dig the CF on the original.
  8. Deinos

    Strider/s, Halftrack, Cheburkov

    I'll take the Halftrack for the $405.00 PP G&S shipped/insured. PM Incoming for PP verification. Thanks! -------------------- Email replied and payment sent. Thanks again!
  9. Deinos

    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Yup... 1000 rounds of Blazer Brass 147gr was about $829.00 last I checked... :poop: I hear ya. Similar situation with a 5 yr old doing home schooling...
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Congrats, bud! Work meetings from home has become the new mullet... business up top... party on the bottom... :D
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    What kind of lighter?

    A lot of popular online knife merchants still have them in stock for the original price (between $40 - $50). Only one I couldn't find in stock was orange.
  12. Deinos

    SOLD, Mixed inventory

    FK2 hard, thin with 90 degree spine if still available, please. Thanks!
  13. Deinos

    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Case in point... just saw someone trying to move a REC Para 3 exclusive for $500 on another trade site...o_O...:rolleyes:...
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Ohhhh, I like that Boker. Especially like that it uses N690.
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    I got ridiculously lucky on KnivesShipFree with the NCM version. Tried for ebony and struck out on every site that offered them...
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Same with the GEC stuff. Picked up a Beer and Sausage knife... but the effort definitely turned me off from adding much more than that to my GEC collection this year... Spyderco's treatment of exclusives has left a similar taste in my mouth (did pick up a DLT Smock though... always wanted to...
  17. Deinos

    Attention BF2020 Away We Go - Books are closed

    Like... a beautiful raccoon turd?... with a lot of character??? :p
  18. Deinos

    Puukko, ELMAX, Walnut root.(SOLD)

    Beautiful work as always!
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Nothing too crazy...finished off some Woodford Double Oaked :thumbsup:
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    The Just Hanging Out Thread.

    Our town is filled to the brim with great pizza spots... I love my wife... but she is not the most reliable when it comes to choosing one of them;)