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  1. mycough

    N690co Gyuto, Stablized Turkish walnut root, Stablized maple burl, Wooden Saya sheath

    That looks like quite a value, good luck with your sale.
  2. mycough

    Sold - PL Knives - Pinstripe Mountain Hillbilly

    Great looking knife Sir.
  3. mycough

    Bird and Trout SOLD

    Really handy looking knife sir.
  4. mycough

    Available knives - damascus. san mai. mono steel.

    Am I not seeing prices?
  5. mycough

    Rifleman's Knife SOLD

    These are great!
  6. mycough

    Gransfors Bruk (LP) Mini Belt Small Hatchet

    Hi, is it the 10" handle, 2.5" edge model? Thanks! 1
  7. mycough

    (10/24)*SOLD*Slightly Upswept Hunter*440-C/Stabilized Birch Burl**

    Consistently well designed and beautiful. Well done sir!
  8. mycough

    Farid Mehr Hollow Handle Survival Knife

    Thanks, that is a wonderful piece...
  9. mycough

    "Cruiser" cabinet

    Wow, great work, and one of my favorite steels.
  10. mycough

    Farid Mehr Hollow Handle Survival Knife

    What steel is this beast, pray tell?
  11. mycough

    CAC Tanto Halloween Edition

    Wow, a lot of knife for the money.....
  12. mycough

    “Kogatana” Inspired-52100 and Richlite- SOLD

    Nice work from a fellow Mainer.
  13. mycough

    Tombstone Marauder V2

    Another sweet deal, and the leather... Looks like a reassuring handful of knife.
  14. mycough

    Huntsman Edc, Wharncliffe and Curly Ash

    Another winner! Everything more refined and polished, you are churning out some beauties Josh, well done.
  15. mycough

    Hunting knife (Based on Randall design)

    His chef knives are amazing looking, no surprise this is a knockout...
  16. mycough

    Photos Sharpening on wet & dry SiC paper

    Well done Sir! I have an array of knives that see nothing but harbor freight SiC paper. They are inexpensive knives and I can put a toothy edge on in no time. I have a piece of oak, 2 actually, with fine, and extra fine affixed. I keep them in the kitchen and I use it all the time. Although my...
  17. mycough

    A couple of half tang hunters

    The half tang work is really slick, what a treat for the eyes...
  18. mycough

    Help Making a Leather Strop

    Far from a hunch, not gonna argue with Dave, but compressing the leather makes a difference in the finished product. I gave up on sharpening threads awhile back because of the newbs giving newbs bad info. Preach on Squidward, hopefully you do more good than harm in your time here. Many of...
  19. mycough

    Ivory Paper Micarta Cli Point Slip Joint

    The lines on this knife really catch my eye, well done sir!