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  1. knarfeng

    Steven Colbert on Nicky Minaj and Tucker Carlson

    Wrong forum. Closed. My personal opinions on Mr Colbert I shall not print as they are not fit for family.
  2. knarfeng

    What does your bladeforums username mean?

    My first name backwards, followed by my current profession.
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    Case vs. Sak

    Case is more collectable. More variety. Victorinox makes something that most folks find to be the handier everyday tool. Steel is equal. Almost identical alloy and heat treated to a similar hardness. I have more Case knives than Victorinox, and I like them very much. But my most common...
  4. knarfeng

    Is making your own knives worth it?

    I could buy a whole lot of knives for the amount of money needed to buy equipment for making my own knives of equivalent performance. So from a strictly financial perspective: No, it does not make sense. Cheaper to buy the knives. But if you enjoy developing the skills and making something...
  5. knarfeng

    Are expensive knives worth it?

    This is a family friendly discussion forum, not a locker room. Please post accordingly.
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    John primble india steel works

    "John Primble" was a brand name used by Belknap Hardware. Belknap outsourced their knives. Their John Primble line was one of their premium lines. There were multiple outfits who supplied them. You can Google search Belknap Hardware. They were a huge outfit at one time. Belknap was...
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    Weird Draft/Post Issue

    Happens to me sometimes. There's an icon that looks like a floppy on the far right of the posting toolbar. Click it and it gives you a tiny drop down menu. Choose "delete draft". That will remove it.
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    Moore Maker

    Mooremaker has always subcontracted their knives. Used to be (prior to 2007) their nicer ones were made by Queen and their standard ones were made by Camillus. In that time period, the knives made by Queen were very nice knives. Queen's quality dropped off in subsequent years. I honestly...
  9. knarfeng

    Are expensive knives worth it?

    @Quiet @The True North at et cetera Knock it off. Go have your spats in Whine and Cheese. That's what it is there for. Address the question, not other posters.
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    Spyderco, Hinderer, Chaves

    Please edit your terms of sale to bring them in line with the current Exchange rules:
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    Anybody read Arabic?

    And we are done. Thread closed.
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    Gerber's going "Custom"...nice!

    There's a significant difference in the fit and finish of a knife purchased from the Buck Custom shop compared to that of their standard knives But when I look at the Gerber site, it just looks like they are swapping out FRN handle colors. It doesn't look like it's an actual difference in fit...
  13. knarfeng

    Do you ever take along a knife specifically to use at table when attending a BBQ or visiting a steakhouse for a meal?

    Be very careful about trying to project your opinions and thoughts onto others. I said, "I would consider it rude." That is MY interpretation of MY actions. How do YOU know what the chef would think? You only know what YOU think. Are you a chef in a fine dining establishiment? It's all...
  14. knarfeng

    Do you ever take along a knife specifically to use at table when attending a BBQ or visiting a steakhouse for a meal?

    Picnic, maybe, but probably not. Restaurant, absolutely not. I consider it rude and uncouth to do so.
  15. knarfeng

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    Came across somebody who had a mint in box 1990 Camillus-made Remington Tracker in "440 stainless". I already had one in 0170-6C, but wanted the 440A version. Well heat-treated 440A is a great knife steel for everyday knives, and it's hard to find anymore. I really like this pattern. Very...
  16. knarfeng

    GEC handles?

    GEC is unlikely to have a spare set of the original cover material. They don't do "stock". Every run they do is unique. If they did have such a set, they would be unlikely to want to expend their scarce resources replacing covers on a non-warranty issue. It takes considerable skill to do...
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    Trying to reach another BF member...

    If he is not currently a paying member, you can't PM him. You should be able to leave a message on his profile page, even if he does not have a paid account. However, users have the option to not allow anyone to view their profile page. So that approach is a "maybe". If he is not a paid...