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  1. C-TAC


    Trade offer sent. But I'll take it either way.
  2. C-TAC

    W49s, Ka-Bars, Ontarios...

    Notice: I will be on the road until Thursday, 9/9. I rarely get to use my fixed blades, so I'm letting these ones go. Some are used, some are basically brand new, and some are discontinued and hard to find. I can send you a video if interested. Paypal G&S, US only, no trades. 1) SOLD 2) SOLD...
  3. C-TAC

    Benchmade and OKC... Price drops

    Good evening. These are great autos, but the Gerber 06 is my pick for a hard use Auto. Prices are Paypal G&S with priority shipping ALL 3 $175 BM Mini Stryker $100 Excellent condition OKC Strike Fighter (top) $40 Carried and used lightly. Carry marks on the handle, Some rub marks on the...
  4. C-TAC

    Price drops...Isham Blackstar, 4 Max Scout, Gerber MPT

    Good evening. Prices are PayPal G&S with priority shipping. Isham Blackstar $140 Good/Great condition. Carried and used. Never sharpened. Cold Steel 4 Max Scout $80 Excellent condition, but... it looks like a 1/4" of the edge impacted something and rolled the edge. See vdeo & pics. 1st Gen...
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    Good evening. Prices are PayPal G&S with priority shipping. Chuck Hawes $300 Great condition, some light staining on blade. Ka-Bar 1264 Tanto $90 Long discontinued, good working sharp edge. Ka-Bar USN, Vietnam edition $65 Blade in excellent (like new) condition, some wear on the sheath...
  6. C-TAC

    Buck, Tope

    I’ll take the Buck Punk. Sending PM as well
  7. C-TAC

    Discontinued ADV - $old, Spyderco Para 3 - $OLD

    I will take the ADV Sending PM as well
  8. C-TAC

    Les George Assassin

    The handle is Zircuti from Chad Nichols. I've had mine for a few months and I love it. It's been a great EDC knife for me (opening packages, cutting rope, food prep...). I think guys are reading too much into this and giving full titanium locks more credit than they deserve. Yes, full Ti is...
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    Sorry, that sold earlier today. I forgot to update the post.
  10. C-TAC

    Isham, & CUDA Dominator

    Prices are Paypal G&S with priority shipping. Isham Blackstar $150 20CV, Ti handle Lightly used Never sharpened (original owner) Rare Camillus CUDA Dominator $150 S30V, Ti handle USA made (Before Camillus shut down in 2007) Carried, used, and sharpened Fixed blades...
  11. C-TAC

    BM 9400 & Mini Stryker PRICE DROP

    Paypal G&S with priority shipping. Mini Stryker $110 is LNIB with a small scuff on the swedge (shown in video) 9400 SOLD! (was $160) has a couple of small dings on the handle. Carried but rarely used. Isham Blackstar: Fixed blades for...
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    Hello all. I'm thinning the heard. Prices are PayPal G&S with priority shipping. Isham Blackstar Benchmade Mini Stryker for sale here: 1- Chuck Hawes custom w giant...
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    All have been carried, used lightly, and sharpened. -SOLD Full size Alpha, s35vn w/ pouch -SOLD Hard to find Harpoon design, s35vn w/ pouch -SOLD Full size War Hulk, m390, mokuti clip w/pouch -SOLD ADV/Heretic collaboration Prototype #8, cpm-D2, automatic, CF handle w/ Ti inlays, clip...
  14. C-TAC

    Olamic Wayfarer SOLD!!!

    Olamic Wayfarer Classic w/ COA, tool, and pouch. SOLD $350 Paypal G&S, priority shipping 4" 3V blade. Titanium liner/lock CF scales Stainless clip (Olamic sells titanium clips) Light user with some light corrosion marks on blade. It has been sharpened. See pics & video. This is a large knife...
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    Benchmade & Cold Steel

    Updated the photos for just fixed blades.
  16. C-TAC

    Spyderco Para 3 & Caly Jr. Sprint

    $200 for both Para 3 LW SPY27...$125 LNIB. Carried once, but there are no signs of use. Caly Jr. Sprint run ZDP-189/420J2...SOLD PayPal G&S with priority shipping.
  17. C-TAC

    Benchmade & Cold Steel

    It's a set of photos. I'm selling in three different categories (fixed, folders, and automatics), so I kept all the pics together. If you click on the photo, it should show the others.
  18. C-TAC

    Olamic Wayfarer full size

    Sorry, it was already claimed in a PM.