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  1. SLOsmokin

    What is in the works at CPK?

    Shiv is number one on my wish list. 75% chance has me feeling good.
  2. SLOsmokin

    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, 6" Utility Fighter 2

    Buffed Edge cut antique Micarta Full double edged dagger grind (tweaked blade shape, both sides of the blade are sharp) Satin grind after tumble (clean 220 grit hand ground finish) paid
  3. SLOsmokin

    Lets see your CPK in Leather!

    Paul long absolutely nailed this one.
  4. SLOsmokin

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Lesson learned, never sitting out on a CPK preorder again. I am riddled with regret for letting this pass me by.
  5. SLOsmokin

    CPK Pet Thread

    Sherman is 11 months today, weighing in at 113lbs. Thinks he’s a lap dog.
  6. SLOsmokin

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Comp chopper for sale on eBay. So tempting.
  7. SLOsmokin

    SOLD, Mixed inventory

    looking for bootdagger, pass my spot on if I missed.
  8. SLOsmokin

    Good Robert Erickson is a fantastic maker

    I’m a huge fan of Robert as well. Very professional to work with, his craftsmanship is top notch, and like others mentioned he will work with all the fun super steels. I just received my fourth Erickson, and I’m already considering another lol. Here’s the run down. 10” K tip gyuto, redwood...
  9. SLOsmokin

    Random Thought Thread

    I did a sample test with a couple friends of ribeyes. I could only handle a few bites of the Japanese, soooo rich. The American Wagyu was just the right amount of marbling for me.
  10. SLOsmokin

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    In for one OD green micarta Delta 3v Extra set of walnut if possible. thank you. paid 7/23 shipped
  11. SLOsmokin

    Axe? Please educate me

    I absolutely want one of these.
  12. SLOsmokin

    Carothers vs Fiddleback

    I really like em both. In fact I brought one of each on my last camping trip. HDFK for fire business, and the ladyfinger for cooking.
  13. SLOsmokin


    DEK1 on the job.
  14. SLOsmokin

    CPK Pet Thread

    Sherman is getting big fast, almost 7 months old and 82lbs.
  15. SLOsmokin

    FK2 just received

    I agree totally, CPK knifes are addictive. My first CPK was a FK2 and now I’m hooked.. I have a UF, HDFk, DEK1, edc2, medium chopper and FK1. And I am on the hunt for others constantly.
  16. SLOsmokin

    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Looking for a edc1 or edc3. New or used ok with me.