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  1. tuica

    Thinking of getting a Bussekin knife

    Choices? Some have not seen this now defunct Busse Bad Mojo Site Archives. Try to remain calm.
  2. tuica

    Thinking of getting a Bussekin knife

    Tough choices abound. I’d go TGLB and kydex. But that’s me, and I no longer hunt, or do much camping. Age and laziness. TG series feels better balanced in my hand. And kydex for durability and ease of cleaning. Get one of each and keep the one you prefer. Which will be both of them. Good luck.
  3. tuica

    Give away-Busse "dog" tag

    Very generous. Please include me. I have a 20 Anniversary BM. Thanks.
  4. tuica

    Triceratops Spy Pic!!!! . . . . Yowza!!! . . .Shhhh. . . Tell No One!

    Zat one of those “Acid Flashbacks” that I’ve heard about?
  5. tuica

    Man oh man, which one of you hogs is trolling a reddit knife page?

    Such care went into their display. If that collection is worth $15,000, then my group of Bussekin will easily allow me to purchase a 1962 Ferrari GTO.
  6. tuica

    When did you catch the Busse bug?

    Purchased a Pumpkin & Satin RMD in 2013. A bit pricey for my then knife psychology - $250. Have a “few more” now. That “might” cost a good measure in excess of that amount.
  7. tuica

    20 Years Ago Today . . . . September 11, 2001 . . . Lest We Forget . . . .

    Remember - until I no longer walk the earth
  8. tuica

    Early SHSH2 (appears unused)

    I best take this. Please PM me with payment details. Thanks.
  9. tuica

    SAR-3 SEs and AMS BGs

    Seconds please, on Red SAR 3.
  10. tuica

    Grail Achieved! Sterile Busse War Boar with Sheath.

    Nice snag, Sir. The long hunt makes the acquisition that much more rewarding.
  11. tuica

    Calling all Hogs, Stealth Hogs, Fat hogs, Dog Hogs, and Yard Hogs, and Piglets too!

    Yes. Very generous gesture from Stlhead.
  12. tuica

    what am i doing wrong?

    Good luck. We’re all once new.
  13. tuica

    Arriving Grab Bags from Christmas in July 2021

    Knives and Beer! Be careful! Better drink several to make sure you're well prepared!
  14. tuica


    ‘The Beatles.’ About the only album cover that can be recognized - no matter what the viewing distance.
  15. tuica

    Calling all Hogs, Stealth Hogs, Fat hogs, Dog Hogs, and Yard Hogs, and Piglets too!

    Any model of the ASH1. They can’t all go to that (fine), bloke in Australia Generous idea. Thank You.
  16. tuica


    Excellent work, Sir. Thanks for sharing with us.
  17. tuica


    You do methodical, careful, and attractive work. I will follow along. Thanks. (Normal? I’ve had family members wonder this when they hear how much I’ve paid for some of my Bussekin.) Hell of it is; I’ve got a hobby I enjoy. And by judicious purchasing, most of my knives increase in value. Such...
  18. tuica

    Got my Xmas in July package

    A friend and I have discussed obtaining licensing rights to the name, and contents, of the BBM site. And improving it. Or just creating our own site containing increased Information and better photos. But...we’re busy with other life events...;-)
  19. tuica

    Got my Xmas in July package

    A link to archives of the long lost Busse Bad Mojo Site. Much knowledge - for young and old.