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    What is your collection worth?

    Probably somewhere between $0.00 and $5,000.
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    Shopping for a Kukri, but wanting a Guard has made it difficult

    Not sure why you want a guard, but a custom maker should be able to whip out one with a guard if you're so inclined. A khuk is not a stabbing weapon, the entire design of the blade basically makes it super choppy/slashy. If you want to stab, get a knife where the point is in line with your...
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    Behind-the-edge (BTE) thickness

    For reference, that knife (manly wasp) is claimed by mfg to have a 0.24cm thick blade (at the spine). That is ~0.094in. A spyderco pm2 has a 0.14in thick spine at the thickest point, which is also much higher ground than the manly. Five one hundreths is not much steel. Arguably, they have...
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    Behind-the-edge (BTE) thickness

    I can see valid arguments (up to a point) for thin or thick blades bte. My zt0452 is sublimely slicey due to being thin, especially for a zt. But I wouldn't expect it to put up with how I treat my fixed blade, not even close. In that role, it works well. If I'm not carrying my fixed, there's...
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    Who else EDCs a fixedblade?

    I had been using a sykco 511, but this DEK1 is better for that role in every way. It's been on me since I recieved it. It will be hard to usurp it. The thing just works so well as an edc.
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    Benchmade Prices

    They use map (minimum advertised price) agreements, which controls what price a reseller can list. They aren't the only knife company that does it.
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    Maybe, maybe not. I'm not disarmed though. You do what you want. I'll do what I want.
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    It's not about being too afraid. It's about the mutual respect between the government and the people it exists to serve. It's a canary in the coal mine. If they don't trust me to be armed and not use those weapons for ignoble purposes, I don't trust them to be just leaders.
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    Yeah, as cool as the history in europe is......traveling there isn't in the cards. If they don't trust me with a pistol and a knife, I don't trust them with my person. That goes for places in the usa too, like new york, kali, etc.
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    Brave New Cold Steel

    I think he means the new cold steel products will be made with Chinese steel, if not stamped out there and all but finished, having only the minimum required work done stateside to avoid the made in China association. Or something like that.
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    Knives you've seriously considered buying, but never pulled the trigger on

    Lots before, likely far more going forward. Honestly, I have pretty particular tastes and already have quite a few fixed blade options that I already like in pretty much every size and style I might want. For me to buy another, it would have to be something really special. As far as folders...
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    Considering the current happenings in the usa, I'd say frank discussion on any internet forum is unwise.
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    The danes have lower population density and a much more homogeneous populace that has similar views on life. That naturally leads to less conflict in general. I'll be damned if I sign up for the effective tax rate needed to bring that kind of welfare to the usa. On the rehab of criminals, I...
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    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    Murder isn't the only violent crime a weapon can help a victim deal with. Assault, robbery, intimidation, e.t.c. The truth of the matter is this: I will always care about my personal safety and security more than anyone, including the government. Sure, I can't expect to prevent all things...
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    The practice of loaning knives

    No, but I can disown them for being a disrespectful prick.
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    M390 vs D2. Is it worth it?

    You don't likely need it. The question you should ask yourself is "do I want it, can I afford it?" Because honestly, do any of us actual need another knife? I honestly don't. But I do want, and sometimes that means I buy myself things I merely want because I want.
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    Yep. I don't buy nice tools to look at them. I buy them because it's more pleasurable to use them and they generally work better (hence the higher $ tag). Some of my tools get more use than others, but none of them are safe queens save 2 knives that are both kept for emotional attachment due...