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    Mora No.1

    Making a handle for a blade is substantial work, so you might consider a better blade? I would suggest a Lauri blade as a better choice? Or even a Puronvarsi? whatever you choose, make sure to post the finished knife!
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    Next GEC "surprise"?

    GEC and their dealers will fall upon lean times if they don’t get back to smaller runs and more varied trim. 2600 knives in 6-8 different covers would already be gone. 2600 of the same knife isn’t interesting to collectors.
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    Next GEC "surprise"?

    Well, your prayers have been answered. The GEC 73 Remington is widely available right now. or, perhaps you don’t want it because it is widely available everywhere!?
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    Lets talk GEC!

    I think GEC does the jigging free hand with Dremel tools, and maybe some type of jig for certain jigging patterns.
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    Spyderco Siren Lock Issue

    Spyderco has had a great reputation for quality and service, but I am starting to become concerned that this Siren lock slip defect is not being resolved. It has been nearly a year since these knives came out, and no solution or repair from Spyderco. I have suspended buying Spyderco products...
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    Remington Prospector 2021 Baby Bullet Discussion and Picture Thread

    I am finding it hard to believe they made 2600 of these. That is around 10% + of GEC yearly production?
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    Remington Prospector 2021 Baby Bullet Discussion and Picture Thread

    if there are 2600 of them then 170 is way too high a price. 170 would be a reasonable price if this were an SFO of 100 knives or maybe 200. I suspect the sub-dealers may see the slow sales and decline the SMKW pricing. These will likely come down 20-30 dollars in my opinion.
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    Lets talk GEC!

    The gray box is covering up a naked lady, and this means French Kate’s are next! That’s what I see.
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    Lets talk GEC!
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    Lets talk GEC!

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    AEBL vs Delta 3V

    Go to the 6 min 30 second mark, for those in a hurry.....!
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    AEBL vs Delta 3V

    Isn’t this thread really just a long winded way of asking CPK to give us some Magnacut?
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    Axe? Please educate me

    It would be cool if the axe/hatchet had a properly heat treated hammer, like Liam Hoffman’s Trapper hatchet, but in 3V with a crazy new zone temper heat treatment that gives proper edge on blade and indestructible hammer on poll. Leather mask and handles made of osage orange, 15 inches long...
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    2021 #73 GEC Scout Trapper thread.

    Here is a custom Lignum Vitae 23 below a Rosewood 73, both very nice, I prefer the larger 23 pattern.
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    Opinion on Buck 105 pathfinder

    @Joshua Bartosiewicz I think the 103 and Vanguard are very similar. I see the Vanguard as basically a fancy 103. I think the 103 is a bit lighter (4.3 ounces v 6.3 ounces), but either is a great all around choice.
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    Pause to CK Early Reserves

    It seems to me the best solution is to ban the defaulting customers from the system for 6 months or a year. I really like Mike’s system.