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  1. pearl2291

    Sold Lefty PJ Seb 21 double lugs

    Per messages. I'll take this one.
  2. pearl2291

    Attention Handle Material for the 2021 BF knife!! 1st Poll

    A dark sawcut bone would pair very well with the barlow pattern on this one. Anything would be great though. Can’t wait.
  3. pearl2291

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Microtech UTX-85 and 2014 Forum Knife:
  4. pearl2291

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Carrying my Seamus (Jim Harrison) Uber Crossover and GEC 68 White Owl today. Why can't we get more Stainless out of GEC anymore? :(
  5. pearl2291

    Your newest addition:traditionals of course!

    Fun weekend at a local knife show. Picked up a Maher & Grosh Whittler to add to the GEC collection, a fine older Victorinox Floral Knife with aluminum handles for my oldest daughter who has taken up cut flower gardening recently, and an older Keen Kutter Pruner for me to use in the garden as...
  6. pearl2291

    GAW * Winchester Black Box * GAW

    Thanks again for a chance in the super gaw Tim!! Congrats Jake on the great knife!!
  7. pearl2291

    GAW * Winchester Black Box * GAW

    Beautiful pattern. I’m in. Thanks for the opportunity and the generous GAW.
  8. pearl2291

    Top Five Traditionals

    Thanks!! It's out there somewhere. I've not given up yet. Fortunately I do have some other #15's to fill the void.
  9. pearl2291

    Top Five Traditionals

    Here is a pic of by far my most carried knives. Even though I still continue to acquire new models I do not see them bumping these out of the rotation. I currently only have five of these left since my TC went missing late last year after a day of yard work :( so I figure these are my 5 until I...
  10. pearl2291

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Thanks man. The frame lock is a JG Custom Scout
  11. pearl2291

    Traditional and Modern pairings

    Been a while since I posted anything but, I still watch this thread often. Really enjoy seeing the combos guys. Carrying my JG Scout ant TC Barlow (from back in the days when they were not unobtanium):
  12. pearl2291

    ***SOLD*** 20mm & 22mm B & R Bands Suede Leather Watch Straps, Short Length

    Per messages I'll take the tan & green 20mm straps