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    Les de asis designs?

    kfarting, are you a straight up nut swinger or just a benchmade nut swinger?? how do you get paid for all the nut swinging you do? Such a hypocrite.
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    Meet The Jack Hammer 10. . . . Coming Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern!

    Why go cheap with riveted handle fasteners?
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    Les de asis designs?

    I always heard about someone named les at benchmade. However you couldn't prove it by me. Saw someone they called les at a show... However all my voice mails to someone named les (never more than one in a 3 day period) and even registered mail to this elusive person named les have all gone...
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    Benchmade 87 Wavy and Super Rough Secondary Bevel

    That's the best they can do
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    Question knarfeng

    This makes the most sense to me. I can live with this. Thanks
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    Question knarfeng

    How is agreeing with someone's post trolling?
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    Question knarfeng

    I have no knowledge of the ops habits. But it is definitely related to 2nd Amendment issues, what Benchmade did. No getting around that, no matter how you try to spin it. If you choose not to see it that way then you must have a problem with the 2nd Amendment? I didn't find the ops comments...
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    Question knarfeng

    "Trolling has lots of definitions, But coming into a thread in a discussion forum, providing no input on the topic, but posting merely to insult the company or another member certainly fits within most people's definition of "trolling"." Everyone comes into a thread. Your opinion that the...
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    knarfeng, You haven't answered my question. What is Your definition of trolling?
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    Shot Show 2020 Line Up

    What He said.
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    Older thumb disc opening Benchmades

    910 Stryker was Allen Elishewitz's design. And I suspect all the other Strykers to follow came from Allen's original Stryker while working with or for BM. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.
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    AFOII: Any Good?

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    Convince me on the bugout- should I get one?

    Great letter opener, little pricy.
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    How To Centering a Benchmade Blade

    ANY post that recommends forcing the blade one way or the other to fix short comings in manufacturing. That is so wrong! There is only one way to 'Correctly' setup a knife. I already posted it.
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    How To Centering a Benchmade Blade

    This is so wrong!
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    Best non slip joint gentleman knife

    I like the ZT 0808
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    What you need to know if you use ivory for knives, or buy, sell knives with ivory

    Probably ban human teeth and bone next! When will all this madness end?
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    Harpoon shaped blades. Why?

    This was not my post. Some poon edited if to make it appear as though that was what I actually said when in fact there are being dishonest and intentionally misrepresenting my words. Some 'double digits' need a ruler to measure a poon. But some of us 'tripple digits' don't. You feel me dsalazar.
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    Harpoon shaped blades. Why?

    Never seen a poon that was only .080" tall. That would not even qualify as a poon.