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    Opinel knives

    Great knives. Melt in some floor wax in the groove and hinge to keep the wood from swelling and binding the blade.
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    Favorite production hunter?

    Another excellent choice, very close to the Master Hunter but scaled down just a tad. The Thermorun handle isn't quite as grippy as Kraton but still pretty good. I've used mine on moose and black bear and it worked fine.
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    Favorite production hunter?

    Cold Steel Master Hunter. Great blade geometry, Kraton handle works hot or cold, wet or dry, even covered with fat and blood. Mine is Carbon V but it's now available in 3V. Reasonably priced. I don't care for the plastic sheath but it should be functional.
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    I decided to give waterstones a try

    Let us know how they perform on powder steels that have a lot of vanadium and other very hard carbides. My Arkansas hones work great on high carbon steels with low carbides, but they can barely scratch super steels.
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    Benchmade out of the box sharpness

    My Benchmades have all come with shaving sharp factory edges. I generally hone them a bit so they're hair-popping sharp.
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    Received a Custom s90v PM2 as a present

    Classy! Great boss, too. Most of mine sucked.
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    Case vs. Sak

    I wouldn't consider either brand as collectors. Good mass produced cutting tools but little intrinsic value.
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    Real leather that lives for "ever"

    Useful. I saturate my leather sheaths with SnowSeal to seal them against moisture; also keeps them from softening.
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    Handle scale stopping before finger guard

    Some makers blend the two, for instance, with both my Russell Canadian Belt Knife and Bark River Woodland (Professional series) the handle curves into the base of the blade. Not exactly a choil, but that combines both designs. As for jimping on the spine, it's occasionally useful but not really...
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    Old knife identification and restoration

    It's probably more valuable in its original condition. You might consult a museum to get an expert opinion.
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    Microtech made in China, yep

    Chairman Xi must be delighted. Don't buy anything from Communist China -- they are no one's friends.
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    Show me your single bevel chisel grind knives

    Ivan Campos American Standard Tanto. 1/4" D3, slices atoms.
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    110 not ss

    Copper & Clad has a 110 5160 carbon steel drop point, but they may be out of stock at the moment.
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    Have you ever found your lost EDC only after buying it’s replacement

    This is why it is a good strategy to buy two of everything. 😁
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    Review Cold Steel Code 4 Tanto

    All my dozen or so CS knives have been good value for the money, but the clips on the folders have all been way too tight. I had to take them off and tweak them in a vise a bit to make them usable, an easy fix.
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    Recommendation? Newbie -- need a strop

    You could make one yourself quite easily -- glue a thick strip of smooth leather to a wooden backing.
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    Magnacut Spyderco Benchmade CRK

    Oh, good... I needed an excuse to buy another knife... well, actually, not;). I'm also looking forward to trying Magnacut.
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    Car cutting

    I bought my Blackjack Campanion (1/4" 1095,epocy coated) after reading a review where it was sledge-hammered through the hood of a Buick with no edge damage. Figured it would stand up to considerable abuse. Still keep it in the SUV for emergencies.
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    Got my Kailash Bowie!

    That is an awesome looking blade. :thumbsup:
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    New here--At 75 do I still need to carry a knife?

    "You can never have too many knives." Logan Nine-Fingers a.k.a. "The Bloody Nine" in Joe Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy.