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    I called Ontario Knife Company.

    Good question. Their representative retired and no one else has replaced him.
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    Case Gunboat Canoe

    A picture of the back:
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    Case Gunboat Canoe

    Case pattern 94 Gunboat Canoe with jigged bone handles and stainless blades. Good fit and finish; blades have good snap. Minor gap along one backspring. Knife has been carried a few times and lightly used. No box. Main blade is close to 3 1/4" Sheepsfoot is 2 3/8" Spey is 2 1/4" U.S. sales only...
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    Rant incoming - Purchasing processes suck in knife world.

    It used to frustrate me, but I have gotten to the point where if I don't like the way a site handles things, I just buy from someone else. It is still annoying, but if I got angry every time that happened I'd be angry a lot. It isn't worth it.
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    Lower 48 or CONUS Only

    Hard to say. I think it might be a lack of knowledge. I always specify U.S. sales only. I got a quick education once when I initially declined to sell a knife to a gentleman from Puerto Rico. He very courteously explained to me that Puerto Rico is a U.S. mailing address. He got the knife...
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    Favorite Large Chopper

    @not2sharp nailed it. What bushcraft means to you is probably a lot different from what it means to me, and it has meant different things to me depending on where I was living. In my case, I bought my first choppers based on the assumption that when I retired, I would move back out west and...
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    Case/Bose 2020 Sneek Preview

    Great looking general-purpose design. I admire the Case-Bose collaborations for the superb quality and attention to detail.
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    The One That Got Away

    Simonich Salish.
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    New knife from Queen?

    I ran out of conspiracy theory coffee a few years back so I will leave those to others. As far as the company's response to the question is concerned, it looks to me like someone who didn't really know was just trying to give someone an answer. If they hadn't responded, they would also have...
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    Hardening Leather?

    Try searching on how to make leather armor. I think it involves boiling the leather, but it has been so long since I tried it that I don't remember the process. However, I think it was relatively easy to find the information. If I remember correctly, the process shrinks the leather, so...
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    "Barn Era" Bark River Knives

    A And now I see you have already done that. Good luck!
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    OpticsPlanet Shipping Time?

    It has been over two weeks since I placed my order and I have only received one of the five items I ordered. I have placed orders with several other online merchants since then and received all of them either promptly or with minimal delay. I just wanted to post an update since I was...
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    "Barn Era" Bark River Knives

    There is a knives wanted section where you might consider posting your request.
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    Moki Japan fixed blade 'Beretta' knife

    If it's the one that @GIRLYmann posted, it is the Beretta Loveless hunter. There was the version with the burl handle that retailed for somewhere around $125 and one with a zytel(?) handle that retailed for $25-30. I am an admirer of the Loveless designs and am fortunate enough to have both.
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    Case edge grinds

    Most of mine have been fine, generally shaving sharp out of the box. Certainly much better than the low-budget knives like Schrade, Old Timer, Rough Rider, and the Chinese-made Bucks. Like many others, I generally adjust the edge to my preferences fairly soon after they arrive, so if there are...
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    Quarantine Project: Lets make a rifle scabbard.....

    Thanks for taking the time to post that, Dave. I love lever actions and I really enjoy seeing them in a nice leather scabbard, so it was a real pleasure seeing this.
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    OpticsPlanet Shipping Time?

    I've had good luck with them in the past. I placed another order with them today and hopefully my luck will hold.
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    Cold Steel Drop Forge Survivalist sheath mod

    Clean and classy as always, Gary! A friend of mine who built Shaker furniture once told me that simple, unadorned pieces were the most difficult to do because there was nothing to distract the eye from any mistakes.
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    Why no pocket clips for SAK , as a factory option ?

    @chiral.grolim does an excellent job of adding clips to Alox models