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    Low ride clips. Not for me.

    I'll have to disagree as well. Aside from aesthetics and practicality, my biggest reason for not buying a knife is if it has an obnoxiously high clip. Sadly, this disqualifies the majority of knives. Since I carry IWB near 1 O'clock (whereever the first belt loop is) and I'm relatively...
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    Hate for serrated knives?

    Partial serrations are pointless and generally ruin any knife they appear on. I will admit that there are (limited) uses for full serrations, but the number of people who have an actual need for them is vanishingly small. (and I am not one of them)
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    How to find what a knife originally sold for?

    Many people collect/store/keep (?) old knife catalogues. If you don't pester them too frequently, the folks in Bernard Levine's subforum may be willing to assist.
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    [Project]Stainless Damascus + Ti Handle + Hinderer's Spanto blade shape=???

    e522600, I like your project and am interested in the results. Don't get too upset about all the dick-waving going on. Let them rant, it only reflects poorly on them when they act like that.
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    Single features that kill a design for you?

    But that's the whole point. :confused: :rolleyes: I think your pants are too tight! ;) YMMV
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    Single features that kill a design for you?

    Combo Edge (Full serrations have their place, although I don't buy them) Obnoxiously Thick Blades (I want to cut things with my knife, not split them with my wedge) Anything that smacks of tacti-koolaid. (Black coatings, glass breakers, wire cutters, outsized handles, etc.) Pocket clips...
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    Kothimoda by Tirtha Kami

    I have nabbed this as a wedding present for my best friend.
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    how many do you "really" carry

    I never carry more than one, except by accident. I do, however, keep one in my desk at work and usually one in my bag in case I forget to stick one in my pocket. I can't really imagine any scenario where two different knives would offer me any real advantage, unless: 1) one was for...
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    Rat RC-4, HI Kobra 25", Musashi Katana

    What is the weight of the Kobra?
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    Custom Bayonet

    Assuming everyone was willing, you would almost certainly need to send a set of lugs over for them to test-fit with. They are very skilled at what they do but you must remember there aren't many calipers, etc. around over there.
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    How to properly sharpen a Khukuri

    Dave's video should be floating around here somewhere. It's not on youtube as far as I know.
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    HI Katana's

    I have an HI Katana. It is ludicrously blade-heavy and too thick to really be a slashing sword (which the katana is supposed to be). As a faithful katana I would rate it not so well. But as an indestructible sword I would rate it fairly well. I think I prefer my tarwar.
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    Girls Packing Steel.....

    why would you ask your daughter to take them a copy of the laws? Anyone smart enough to have made it to high school already knows they're not allowed to be prepared or to defend themselves.
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    Whats the deal on these Karambits?

    tacticool weapon. no matter what anyone says, it's still just a bent/curved knife. And every time someone talks about how awesome it is that the ring keeps you from dropping it I have to smother a laugh.
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    Importing knife into Canada from US Store

    First of all, every knife that folds is technically a gravity knife. The only exceptions are the ones where you just can't get a good enough grip on it (like a small SAK). That law is bullshit (it was meant to refer to OTF gravity knives, but they were too vague in their wording) and all you...
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    Importing knife into Canada from US Store

    Do not use UPS, FEDEX, or any other courier service. New Graham does not make you jump through any hoops at all. Just use a credit card like anywhere else. In the special notes, ask for USPS mailing. I've ordered two or three knives from them and everything came through just fine... I...
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    Kukri vs machete (big cheap chopper)

    This sums it up really well. One other thing to keep in mind while trying each out is that there is a different technique for using them. Some people will swing a khuk around like a club and then wonder what the big deal is. The HI subforum has some threads on khuk technique if you're...
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    Pocket Clips: Yes or No?

    Aound town, no pocket clip. People around here are nervous about knives. Around the house or out-of-town, pocket clip preferred.
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    Messed up Spyderco Native

    I've had the exact same thing happen to me with several byrd knives. Here's what you do: Open the knife and let it lock. Put the entire blade except for 1-2 mm into a vice (or just grab it in the same place with pliers) and gently flex the handle back and forth perpendicular to the blade...
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    I know this has been asked before....

    to be fair, $3 million in sales isn't the same thing as $3 million of profit. But anyways, price matching is always nice.