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    Belt Carry for Big Fellas

    Im not sure of the blade length you’re looking to carry or what situations you’re looking to carry them in, concealed or open. I’ll give you my setups and you can take whatever info out of it you can. I carry a fixed blade everyday. Most of my fixed blades are in the three inch blade length...
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    Liner Lock Lube and Life Span

    There’s no need to lube the lock face of a folder. If you feel the need to do it, use a sharpie marker or pencil on the service. But in my opinion, you’re just asking for trouble.
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    Reprofiling Question

    Its up to you how fast you want to get to your desired edge angle. For me, I would use the knife at its current angle until it needs sharpening. At that point I would start micro beveling at the desired angle. Over time just keep micro beveling the egde and at some point, may two or three times...
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    Can oil damage micarta?

    I’ve never had oil ruin micarta. It could create staining depending on the color of the micarta. Since you think you may have gotten locktite on it too, I would remove the scale and clean it with dish soap and warm water.
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    Do you lube your back lock?

    All my back locks get a lite film of grease between the blade and washers.
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    At What Stone Grit Does a Blade Apex Stop Being Considered Toothy?

    Great question. I have diamond stones in my lansky guided sharpener kit. Also a dmt fine diamond plate to free hand on. Toothy for me is stopping at the medium Lansky stone. Not sure the grit size. I’m expecting this subject to be interpreted by other to their own standard of toothy. It’ll be...
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    I got Hinderer's XM Slippy with a very bad action.

    Use the threat to inform people who may have the same issue in the future. What exactly did you do to fix it? Im sure it could help someone down the road.
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    Recon 1 modification question

    If you’re looking to match the jimping of the g10 on the lockbar, I would say no. Why risk the integrity of the lockbar?
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    G10 Dye Job

    Looks like a win to me. They came out nice.
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    Your favorite pivot lube?

    For oil Slip 2000, it’s non toxic.
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    Is this AD-10 legitimate?

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your pricing from but I see the knife for way less on cold steels website and named knife retailers.
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    Emerson Lock

    Emerson use the three points of contact concept for their lock geometry. Lockbar, pivot and stop pin. The size of the lock face footprint is really not relevant as much as how it mates up to the lockbar.
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    Suggest a knife good for every job (less than 300 $)

    Tops shadow rider. White river backpacker or caper. Esee 3, izula or xancudo fixed blade.
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    How To Serrating a non serrated S30V knife

    I’ve put serrations on two knives. Rat 1 in aus 8 and a dpx hest fixed blade in 1095. It was very easy to do but hard at first to get everything even. Cold steel makes some s35vn seratted knives. Also aus 10 serrated knives, their aus 10 is pretty good steel. I own knives from them in...
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    Why are high end straight razors mostly made of low alloy steel?

    I would guess because of ease of sharpening. Straight razors need to be as sharp as possible all the time. Stropping is easier and more effective. My guess.
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    good multipurpose oil/grease lube for folders?

    Oil- slip 2000. Its non toxic and has a good consistency. Grease- red n tacky. Folding knives that see dirty or dusty conditions I will run dry.
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    Stropping diy. How to proceed

    If the leather has a smooth side and a rough or swede side, I wouldn’t glue it on wood. Just hook one end on something and pull it tight. I like a rough side to clean the blade after coming off a stone. Then a final strop on smooth leather. I like my compound, if Im using it, on smooth leather...
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    Pocket knife saw blade vs serrated blade

    Serrations, by design, create a cutting motion without the motion. The scallops are the key. Thats why serrations like emersons and spyderco work better that say cold steels. The little point you see cause the snagging and ripping affect. In my experience serrations buzz through rope and small...