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  1. sliceofaloha

    Spyderco Quality

    I can't tell you all how much I'm loving two different native chiefs (chieves?). They are a real sweet spot for me. Rex45 for the garage and S90V for the pocket. Enjoy your knives!
  2. sliceofaloha

    Does Spyderco polish blades?

    Cool, thanks! I'd feel a little better starting with the high grit for some reason.
  3. sliceofaloha

    Does Spyderco polish blades?

    I hope you'll czech in later and show us how your hand rubbed polish went!
  4. sliceofaloha

    Does Spyderco polish blades?

    Maybe someone else knows but... I have some 3000 grit sandpaper that I'm going to use sometime to try and make a hand rubbed finish with at some point. I just haven't picked the knife yet.
  5. sliceofaloha

    Difficult choice for edc knife

    The banter looks only slightly more ergo than a brick shape. I can’t see the fascination other than if you are a Ben fan. I think that’s his name. A hui hou!
  6. sliceofaloha

    My First Spyderco: Welcome to Seki-City

    Welcome to Seki City.... next stop: GOLDEN!
  7. sliceofaloha

    Gritomatic Just a Heads Up

    They did well enough for me on my two orders. I did email them and communicated that way. They are out of stock on a lot of their Venev stones.
  8. sliceofaloha

    (All Sold) GECs

    I’ll take 3 please green linen micarta
  9. sliceofaloha

    What are you missing?

    I miss these contoured, grooved burlap Micarta scales. Best feel in an aftermarket scale. I tracked them to having been sold by a place in Texas but they've never replied when I've asked about them to find more.
  10. sliceofaloha

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    The M4 Smock is still available. Update, gone now.
  11. sliceofaloha

    🎆Happy Independence Day!! 🎆

    Not sure yet, but playing with the kids and some hammock time is surely part of it. Started the day with homemade biscuits and gravy so I have that going for me. Enjoy everyone, come back in one piece. Aloha!
  12. sliceofaloha

    Dull edge after cutting sandbags?

    Cut into the dirt around some weeds with a very sharp Spyderco K390 blade and it did not stay sharp for long. Took me forever to resharpen and will not do that again. I was going to say something silly like making sure to cut through the bags with a consistent angle but decided not to.
  13. sliceofaloha

    Thoughts on the SOG Seal Pup

    ^ that's quite a large ricasso compared to my Taiwan one! Mine is too small there to use just the tip of my finger fits. Not trying for the entendres, they are just flowing.
  14. sliceofaloha


    Why does this thread keep appearing as new thread over the last 24 hours? Updates bumping it?
  15. sliceofaloha

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    ^ Sal's been teasing a 4 way clip version for a while, I can't wait! Watch for the usual suspects to piss and moan about any update to the Military.
  16. sliceofaloha

    **SOLD** Spyderco Native Chief

    Yes, thank you for the kind words @BD_01 . I will be putting this one to hopefully more good than bad use! Aloha and best wishes on a knife at the right time and price for you and everyone.
  17. sliceofaloha

    Spyderco Lil Lionspy - mint

    I'll take the PM2 if available edit, 2nds on edit: contego please - ok I understand it is sold thanks