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  1. Jordan@DLT

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    I've been watching this thread but never posted here, can't wait to see your stuff in person sometime.
  2. Jordan@DLT

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    DLT and some of the other dealers have tried to diversify the model selection on the Exclusives since the PM2 definitely has been getting crowded. But, especially for dealers who do 1-2 exclusives per year, the PM2 is a very strong seller and there will continue to be PM2 exclusives until they...
  3. Jordan@DLT

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    The price increase comes down from Spyderco, we have no interest in randomly raising prices unless the manufacturer indicates to do so.
  4. Jordan@DLT

    Terrible service from PVKvegas

    Was it your first purchase with them? I wouldn't be too weirded out on that one, you likely had something that tripped a flag in their fraud filter system (diff bill/ship, a typo causing the billing address not to verify, etc) and they called to make sure it wasn't a scammer using a stolen card...
  5. Jordan@DLT

    Cold Steel SRK San mai - uneven lamination lines

    This is normal, you will see the same thing on other brands like Fallkniven too, its just inherent in the process for mass produced knives, it has no functional impact.
  6. Jordan@DLT

    My New Knife (Spoiler: It's A Barkie)

    Nice choice! Tell me more about that Tequila...
  7. Jordan@DLT

    Do you lube your back lock?

    I usually do a drop of KPL, nano oil, mineral oil (whatever I happen to have on hand) and then its good to go.
  8. Jordan@DLT

    Spyderco Gayle Bradley Folder Exclusive

    I love the idea, definitely will have something similar on my list for when Spyderco opens exclusives back up.
  9. Jordan@DLT

    Thumb stud vs hole

    I personally prefer a Hole or milled fuller over a thumbstud.
  10. Jordan@DLT

    Cold Steel Prices Going Up!!!

    This one isn't limited to Cold Steel, most manufacturers are raising prices across the board due to material costs going up.
  11. Jordan@DLT

    Does a synthetic sheath cheapen a knife?

    Depends on the knife/application, but generally I prefer Kydex for my sheaths and holsters.
  12. Jordan@DLT

    bark river

    DLT and KSF are the primary dealers for Bark river, we both have plenty of stock on hand.
  13. Jordan@DLT

    Spyderco Tuff Deep Clip & Scale

    We will have scales available in the next 3-4 weeks it looks like.
  14. Jordan@DLT

    Your favorite pivot lube?

    I use KPL simply because I like the needle tip for getting into tight spots.
  15. Jordan@DLT

    Online Knife Shops with Great International Shipping

    You said you're in Thailand? We ship to Thailand.
  16. Jordan@DLT

    DLT Commence the guessing

    Someone on the Spyderco forum asked for comparison photos to the Shaman, figured I'd post that here too -
  17. Jordan@DLT

    DLT Commence the guessing

    That is just some finger prints on the clip that caught the light just right, I wiped the blade down but not the clip, my bad!
  18. Jordan@DLT

    DLT Commence the guessing

    Excuse my poor photo skills, but here is a lockside photo. Weight is 6.4 Ounces
  19. Jordan@DLT

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Weight on ours is 6.4 ounces on my shipping scale.