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    Big Boar Tusker 2.0

    Beast! It's nice seeing Gossmans being posted for sale again :thumbsup:
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    Emerson Mini CQC-8 Satin Finish

    great knife, one of my favorites...
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    Hinderer XM18 Skinner (no trades please)

    i'll take it if paypal and shipping included, PM sent
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    Hinderer XM18 Skinner (no trades please)

    yes, what's your paypal address...
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    User Camp Bowie

    man that's a nice one
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    Work Hawk with Katalox and ALICE pack sheath

    Great set-up, looks super useful, good job!
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    Hunter - RWL34 and walnut burl

    Great job, I like everything about that knife.
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    HD Chopper/Camp Knife in S7

    .278" S7 woah!
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    Alder burl neck knife

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    2 Wenger Blades Wiglaf Hawks

    man those are nice
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    Semi integral Scagel style

    man that's cool
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    Multi-bar Pattern welded seax

    outstanding work
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    1 knife left, 1084 , g10

    those look great, i really dig that wharncliffe
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    A kwaiken

    you nailed that, great job