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    Kumar Villager Utility Knife for 4/15

    I have the "ugly Kukri no 1" and it is no doubt the best outdoor knife I own. Granted it needed quite a bit of rework/sharpening to the blade and I made a leather sheath for it but when it absolutely positively must be cut this knife gets it done. I would not hesitate to get another. Some people...
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    Thank the Lord for divorce!

    Good luck, no 13th stepping. Yup Divorce can be wonderful. I was elated to get rid of wife no1. I had to sell off areally nice handmade custom bass guitar because of her lies. Funny thins is I ended up in AA after the divorce. Good companionship can do wonders after a divorce. Again, best of...
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    Deals for 4/30 -- Pix, Salyan, Amar Singh Thapa Knife and Awesome Buys

    That Amar Singh Thapa knife is stunning but i just bought a guitar, The wife would flip.
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    Gelbu Special, 18 vs 21 inch

    I have 7 kukris from a 12" AK to a 21 " Sirupati from another firm. I don't use the Sirupati because I have other Kukri to use as working blades. I have an M-43 but it is heavy and I am one of those overweight out of shape guys. In cutting down a dead dogwood tree I found the M-43 more capable...
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    Somebody stabbed me

    That checkering is sweet but I have a cheap ant removable solution. I have an M-43 with a horn handle and felt the grip was beautiful but impractical. I bought some friction tape from the electrical section of my local super hardware store. It is used to help electricians grip wire as they pull...
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    What is your latest knife purchase?

    Boker plus Vox Rold, Mora carbon black, Boker 101 kalishnikov, Byrd Cara Cara 2, Spyderco Tenacious.
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    Boker Vox Rold

    Look in the finger choil for the CHINA printing. I just got one 2 weeks ago, nice, sharp and hard. To me the grip could be a bit fatter and 1/2" longer but otherwise its great. The belt attachment gizmo pokes me in my fat belly.
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    H.I. T-Shirt

    I would be interested in a shirt for @ $22 ea or better yet a good quality sweatshirt for $32, I don't check the forum everyday so you can contact me my email @ [email protected] Thanks Actually i will take 2 shirts, sweatshirts if they ever come available would be my preference. size 3xl.
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    Tamang knife for 11/28 -- Pix and Usual Steal

    Make some more of these. They are like a lighter and much nicer version of my No1 Ugly Kukri. They also look very functional. The Tamang style sheath show in PUGS75 photos would be the icing on the cake. A firestarter loop would be awesome.
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    KWAIKEN - meet my new EDC (Pic Heavy)

    One other think there was no apparent reason for not installing a deep clip attached to the flattened butt( blackened) so the knife is nearly invisible to the eye. Look at an al mar sere2000 folder as an example.
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    KWAIKEN - meet my new EDC (Pic Heavy)

    I like it but i must be the oddball here. I have the Kwaito fixed and when I look at this the knife appears entirely too thick. They have a similar shape. The thickness wouldn't keep me from buying it though. Enjoy.
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    Opinel pocket carry

    No problems with my no 10 and 12 slim. the 12 slim is hard to open and I'm glad. What a razor.
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    Deals for 6/12 --Pix WWII and Great Buys

    second call on 12" sirupate if the first call decides not to complete sale. I'd like to see more small offerings, this was a good size, small kuk but large by western standards.
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    Rajkumar's Everest Katana and Super CAK for 4/30

    I think the model is the real treasure here. :-)
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    My Birthday Special

    Happy Birthday!
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    Worst Kukri? (And a Give-Away)

    I was told that they are not supposed to use cow leather for religous reasons . Water buffalo is common, but not the stink that came with yours.
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    New sheath for a HI Parang

    I started in leather crafting a few months ago. One way to start is with the local Tandy leather shop, my shop in Raleigh offers a free 4 week class on the basics. You have to buy their leather working basic set as a minimum so you have some tools and some basic projects to practice with. It...
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    HI shipping issues

    The difference between the USPS and UPS/Fedex is that if the Government worker is found smashing your package little to nothing will happen, perhaps a letter of reprimand. More than likely the package will vanish at that point. It's too much work to try to reprimand a federal employee that is...
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    How many own an Opinel?

    I have a no 10, sharp as a razor. I made a very stupid mistake once....of forgetting to rotate the locking collar and started to strop the blade. Whaddayknow, I was off and running to my doc to put in 4 stitches on the top of my index finger just forward of the knuckle. I tried using the...
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    Seeking Some Sagely Advice

    Satin finished blades are easier to maintain if you are trying to keep the original finish after chopping. I reccomend you get wooden handles as the horn looks nice but gets a little harder to hold with a larger blade like a M43. I have a 15" AK and its nice n lite. The m43 is in a totally...