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    USPS and COVID

    One of my USPS Priority packages (coming to me overseas) has been stuck in the Miami hub for 2 months now. It's been 'Processed', but never 'Departed'. The seller actually resent the package again, only for it to get stuck at the exact same spot. On the other hand, some free Benchmade...
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    B&M stores in the NY area?

    Thanks so much for the info and the offer. I might go and look up what busses pass by, and see how it goes. It certainly sounds like a great place to shop!
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    B&M stores in the NY area?

    Thanks for that. Do you happen to know if there are any easy public transport options to get there from Manhattan? Have browsed the area usibg Google maps, and can't really see anything. Thanks!
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    B&M stores in the NY area?

    Unfortunately, we're flying back from JFK. Could you clarify this? I thought knives in checked baggage was ok?
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    B&M stores in the NY area?

    Hi All, I'll be taking a trip to New York in a few weeks, and it'll be my first time back in the states in about 25 years. One of the things I'm hoping to do is visit a few brick and mortar knife shops while I'm there, as there aren't many where I'm from. I'm aware of the current legislative...
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    Steel Lockbar Inserts - Question

    It may be as well that the steel-on-steel interface of a lock insert(vs titanium) produces less lock stick, especially in flippers. I've actually had to remake an insert on my Spyderco Domino using Ti, and it doesn't seem to wear after reaching a certain point on the tang. The original steel...
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    Small Regular Sebenza Giveaway

    Deleted. Missed the bit about CONUS. Apologies!
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    American Lawman First Impressions from a first time Cold Steel-er

    So I finally bit the bullet and got an 2015 American Lawman as my first Cold Steel knife. I've passed the brand over for a number of years, but the steel upgrade to XHP(I honestly think something like S30V would have been a better choice, but still..) and watching *many* videos putting the...
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    Time for a ZT0450 giveaway from USA Made Blade

    Currently rocking a Manix S110V lego-ed onto a G10 handle. Thanks fo the chance!
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    Zt vs traditional emerson

    Hey, can I ask who did your karambit framelock conversion? I got a cqc-15 converted way back when by STR, and am kicking myself that I didn't ask him to do my karambit back then too...
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    Where to buy casio g shocks?

    I must admit I'm partial to the Rangeman, which has the latest-gen triple sensor. If you're in the market for something with a degree of analog display, then may be this one. Being in Australia, I tend to get my G-Shocks from an online Japanese source such as Rakuten. I think the prices...
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    4-Max?! USA Made, CPM-20CV, Cold Steel?! This can't be happening!

    Take it as a complement to the knife model and overall brand I guess - the people *really* want to know ;)
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    4-Max?! USA Made, CPM-20CV, Cold Steel?! This can't be happening!

    Sorry, I wasn't so much referring to the 'taking inventory' as the 'access to the prototype' bit. The most recent ETA update I've heard on this knife was back in April, with a 6 week-ish estimate (ie. estimated release in June). If they're still having to access the prototype for pics, rather...
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    4-Max?! USA Made, CPM-20CV, Cold Steel?! This can't be happening!

    Is it just me or does this make it sound like the actual production models are still a ways off?
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    4-Max?! USA Made, CPM-20CV, Cold Steel?! This can't be happening!

    Have been looking at these with some interest. Can anyone from CS comment if the pocket clip is reversible? Based on some of the screw positions towards the tail end of the knife, I could see it might be, but would like to know for sure before buying
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    Knifecenter to Australia via iGlobal

    Supposed concealability the same old 'gangster movie' concerns about balisongs/automatics/AOs..
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    Knifecenter to Australia via iGlobal

    Thx man - so far the shippnig status is stuck at 'label generated' on the 6/3. It's claimed to have shipped, but the parties involved don't exactly have my trust right now. In all honesty, USPS as a shipping company seems to get things to us here in Aus just fine. I think this all happened...
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    Knifecenter to Australia via iGlobal

    I totally agree - back 'in the day'(pre-2011 rule change) when Australian Customs didn't ban basically every folding knife in the mail, the only confiscation I ever had was a warranty return sent to me via UPS. The ones that went through the usual Customs Depot at the airport(including these...
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    Knifecenter to Australia via iGlobal

    I know...I'm struggling not to make to many disparaging comments about 'middle men' at the moment, becasue I know it's not an accurate generalization, but *grrr*.... iGlobal has even had the stones to ask me to 'wait patiently' for my order. I don't think they seem to realize that it's not...