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    KBAC 24D Fuse?

    That seems odd. It costs us about 15$ just to take a box from the UPS, log it in, set on the bench, open it up to see whats inside. Nevermind diagnosis and fixing it.
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    Treadmill Motor of Destiny: The Arbor Factor

    Fwiw, Alot of treadmills use TENV motors. Not for grinding, but I’ve used couple for homebrew shop equipment.
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    Recommendation? Which Bandsaw is best?

    Fwiw, Milwaukee has worldwide presence. Forget the adaptor. You should just buy their 230V version for europe.
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    DIY impact tester

    Looks like a good idea to me. As you say, its alot of numbers crunching to determine values. Perhaps pendulum placed in front of a grid or graduated scale, then using a highspeed camera will reveal among other data, hammer speed, material deflection at failure, etc.
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    Bladesmithing as a Career?

    thats common thing in europe. ’Engineer’ is a skilled mechanical tradesworker. ”Diploma Engineer” or ”Dipl. Ing.” indicates university certification. Europeans often proud to display their social/academic rank. Its commonly displayed professional title much like americans are used to seeing Dr...
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    Bladesmithing as a Career?

    If you plan to start out making a living at it, you’ll probably need to do more than just knives. In my case its knives, trinkets and architectural / decorative smithing, and recent years tapered way back on knife & trinket work. Some may think its blasphemy. But we made FAR more money selling...
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    Dream Shop - Old Shop Demolition finished. Demo photos added.

    Great Phones ! I really enjoy seeing non-Western Electric stuff from the Bakelite timeframe. Infact, several my knives over the years incorporate bakelite from broken phones into their handles or scabbards.
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    Another forge question

    Fwiw, We dont line our coalforges. But one forge, I replaced its bowl after 15 years or so, and it was well used before we got it. If you try backyard clay, dont mix sand with it. Just lay it on, let it dry several days. Even so, it will probably contain moisture. Slowly heat up its initial...
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    Evenheat Power Interrupt Switch

    Great to see. Thats proper design. Its SSRs is only for temperature control. The lowpower doorswitch operates a two pole ”safety relay”. As it should be. Regardless of supply voltage, Both current carrying conductors are interrupted when the door is open.
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    Evenheat Power Interrupt Switch

    Fwiw, The option’specs of that kiln simply state, ”The switch used for this feature is a true safety switch and is designed specifically for safety applications.” In my professional life, I would interpret as that switch interrupts power source. But absent schematic or explaination from...
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    Evenheat Power Interrupt Switch

    Fwiw, For best safety, I hope they use a two pole switch. Even if using 120V supply, its always best to interrupt all current carrying conductors.
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    I use the degaussing coil pulled from a scrapped TV.
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    Recommendation? Drilling Hardened Steel

    As mentioned, carbide drillbits. I use StrongArm drill bits. They are used by locksmiths and safe specialists to drill thru hardplate inserts. Just get the oil, speed and pressure right. They work very well.
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    Where can I get birch bark for a handle?

    I seen it on Amazon and Etsy. Even seen it at handicrafts/hobby supplier. Michaels maybe ?? Lucky for me, I have a buddy in northern BC supplies my needs every time its his firewood season.
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    What are your favorite tongs?

    For little stuff like knives, I like Diamond FT15. They do alot as-is, but its easy to just reshape their jaws as needed. They used to be around 12 dollars, but I think thats triple in recent years.
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    Dream Shop - Old Shop Demolition finished. Demo photos added.

    Thats fun to see any time a guy builds a new shop. As an aside, It must be nice to be exempt from electrical codes us Northwestern guys live with.
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    2 phase electric motor help

    But can your lathe broach a keyway ? Fwiw, it can be done. It was a fiddley time consuming process, but will work.
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    Threephase coil identification.

    Excellent !! Simple ! Did not occur to me looking at it were an autotransformer. As usual, I was overthinking the process. Thanks.
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    Threephase coil identification.

    Hello Motor Geeks ! I have a 2hp 3Ø 240-480V ninewire motor. Problem is, its peckerhead was ripped out. All its wires are intact, but numbertags missing. Its easy enough to measure resistances to determine the “Y” and secondary coils. But ! Any ideas how to determine which secondary coil belongs...
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    Dream Shop - Old Shop Demolition finished. Demo photos added.

    If you didn’t already. Might as well install a few CAT5s too. Computer, phone, perhaps security signaling..