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    Anyone see the Resident Evil trailer....

    Think she's using two HI Khuks??
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    I didn't see a katana from the 12/10/06 sale? Maybe you guys have a super secret DOTD that we "common folk" don't have.
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    Any chances for some swords for the Daily specials. Haven't seen a Katana for a while.:D :D
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    Yangdu...request for swords specials...

    Thanks Yangdu. I'll be looking on the boards on pins and needles.
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    Yangdu...request for swords specials...

    Would love to see some Tibetian or Katanas for sale.
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    HI in Australia

    Should of caught me earlier this month, I just came back from Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns on Sunday. Would have sold you one of my HI Khukuri.
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    Kinda, but much bigger. It's about a 16 inch knife. Look at the size of it compared to the K-Bar in the back ground.
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    Sorry about the title. My computer had the hickups and I can't change the title......:D
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    I recently bought a Khukuri House Khuk. Don't think the metal is anywhere as good as HI's. In fact the distributer I and spoke about HI. He admitted that HI was the "rolls royce" of Khuks and that his knives are not as good (metal wise) as HI. Pretty high praise when your competitors...
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    Anyone Else Only Buy HI Knives?

    I typically only get HI Khukuris. But I just found out Khukuri House is in the same city as I live in and have been wanting a Khuk letter opener so was thinking of picking up one or two of their stuff. How is Khukuri House's knives? I am looking for a chopper. I have bought a bunch of HI...
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    far OT: $2 bucks a litre?

    Frankly I'm glad the price of oil/gas has shot up. I'm hoping it doubles again. We as a country need to get away from dependence on foreign oil. Our nation's security and the enviroment would benefit if this comes true. I believe in "good ole American ingeniuty". I believe we need to...
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    Man, this thing can kill somebody. New Kukhri pix

    Welcome to the addiction.
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    Yet another use for a khukuri

    Oh please, talk about a lack of blade control. I routinely preform vasectomies on flies with my little BAS. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: Anyone smell cows here? :D :D
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    Ballistic Knife

    No one ever mentions the other attachments the knife had. Saw a guy selling a bunch at a Vegas gun show back in the early 90's. Had a grappling hook and stun baton heads. Could shoot those instead of the knife heads. Back then you could buy the knife, but not the spring from one dealer...
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    special operations knives

    "Chink" can be seen as offensive to some people and to some others it's nothing. Just like the N word. A black person saying it to a black person is okay, but a white person saying to a black person. Stand back, Sh*t is going to fly. But when it comes down to it, it's just a word. Whether...
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    special operations knives

    Wow, lots of machismo here. SEALS sometimes like Mission knives as they are titanium and will have no magnetic signatures (especially for work around mines). As for the rest of the "spec ops" community, they have a slew of different knives. But the one thing is consistant is they get what...
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    So I'm scared of my knife.

    That's the one.
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    So I'm scared of my knife.

    I have a Mission MPF titanium folder. Nice knife but one time a few months ago, I had the blade extended and was goofing off with it. Practicing thrusts and cuts etc. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I guess I squeezed the handle wrong or put pressure where I shouldn't have as the frame lock...
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    Trailmaster AUS8 question

    Gentlemen, I picked up a cold steel trailmaster off of ebay. It is a uncoated one so I thought it was one of the old carbon V uncoated trailmaster. When I got it, it did not say Carbon V, so I called coldsteel and they confirmed it was made of AUS8 steel. Not familiar with that...