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    Another Bear Thread. Timothy Treadwell didn't fare so well singing to the bears.

    for a great article,wouldant have seen it otherwise. the sad thing about this is the bears have been desensitised to the fear of humans by this guys actions, [AND OTHERS LIKE HIM DOING SIMILAR] I think no one should be allowed to do this sorta thing unless accompanied by suitably armed park...
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    far OT: $2 bucks a litre?

    i just saw a doc on air powered vehicles, they were neat cheap to run and very powerfull average speed top-- 110 kmh, and showed one towing a large 4-wheel drive. one tank would power it for 400 miles so great, cant wait till they are available commercialy. to fill the tank takes 2minitues for...
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    Iron Mistress. For the Bowie collector and user.

    but i also have to say its, bloody ugly :barf: but if you like it that is all that realy matters i suppose. it looks odd ! almost like they chopped a huge chunk of the end of the blade by mistake. what a ugly knife ???? but like i said if you like it fine mate. :)
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    Louisiana Gun Confiscation

    surely the way i read these laws, the persons confiscating the innocent citizens guns ,if from they are taking them them whilst they are in the leghal owners care. are guilty of takeing away the legal constitutional right of gun ownership insured by the constitution ??????? and would be libel...
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    O.T. Justin has been found alive!

    sorry yvsa i thought it was drug use. but still the suicide thing is probably worse,how horrible for you all to have a great young kid that doesant want to live anymore ???. i truly hope that everything turns out ok yvsa, regards cave troll
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    O.T. Justin has been found alive!

    i had the same ordeal with my son tobias yvsa, he started on mariuguana,then lsd,then speed ,injecting ect. it was terrible i pleaded with him to stop but all was to no avail,he went to crime to support his habit,and was a real mess,it broke my heart to watch him go through this,the last time he...
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    Great Site

    i forgot to mention my only khukri is one marked with k m it is a nice wood handled 18inch ang khola and it is lovely it is also very sharp. :)
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    Great Site

    thanks all for the welcome, not sure what two posts above mean my dogs barking ??? is this something i missed ?? or is it a local joke ha ha. :)
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    Great Site

    thanks i am sure i will enjoy reading and contributing to this forum, by the way my name is taken from my love of the cave troll character in the movie series lord of the rings, which i first read as a lad at primary school. it was a fantastic set of books to read and still holds my attention...
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    Great Site

    howdy folks a nice site interesting posts,look forward to contribut :) ing.