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    Photos SharpByCoop's Gallery of Handmade Knives

    Fantastic as always. That handle on Don Nguyen's knife is something else. The browns and the golds pop right out.
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    Sasquatch Fighter

    Love the write up on the knife. Great looking knife as well.
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    Sambar Stag Time

    That is some nice looking stag. Love that Loveless style as well.
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    I am a fantasy buff so the "Veil of Tears" by Virgil England and the "St. George Axe" by Gil Hibben would be at the top of the list. Also a ninja sword from Scott Slobodian would be nice. Though if money was really no issue I would have specific makers create versions of certain fantasy weapons...
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    Photos SharpByCoop's Gallery of Handmade Knives

    I agree with the OMG on the that piece by Mark Bartlett. That is an amazing knife. Also the pattern on the blade of Dennis Friedly's Dagger. I thought I was being hypnotized. Excellent work.
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    Photos SharpByCoop's Gallery of Handmade Knives

    Wow, just finished going through all 63 pages of fantastic. I have been away from custom knives for about a decade and just recently had the fire lit again (thank Bill Luckett for that). Thanks for your amazing photography. I thoroughly enjoyed the many examples of great knives you have...
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    Filework - An era that has passed? (hopefully)

    I am quite fond of file work. I have a subhilt and a large bowie from Randy Lee with file work on the blade and I feel it adds to the uniqueness of the knife. Plus, I love Steve Likarich's work which generally has a great deal of file work. His knives would not be the same without it.
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    "The Great Collections" HAS BEEN PRINTED!!

    David, where can I find the other volumes of your books. I recently purchased the Custom Fixed-Blade Knives.The quality of the book was very first class. I did a search on b&n and amazon, but there was not much available. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks Jason
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    9 inch Bowie with Stag

    Great looking knife. I especially like the blade finish with the colors of the stag, flows very nice.
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    Fantasy knives where they ever in style

    I am a huge fantasy buff, and I admit that I have purchased several of hibbens united cutlery knives ( generally I do not buy production knives because they are lacking in the fit, finish, and function area) . Though if I had deep pockets I would have every cool sword, knife and axe picture I...
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    Hogstrom fighter

    Anders is one of my favorite makers. I have purchased a couple from him. I was saddened when he moved back over seas. The one knife show I am able to get to is the las vegas show which he attened when he lived in cali. My nordic fighter has about the same blade, but the handle is fossil mammoth...
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    SharpByCoop • Gallery of Customs

    I hope there will be much more to come. This is some fantastic work.