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  1. Richard in LA

    Is this legit

    its a 100% Chinese clone.
  2. Richard in LA

    I need some education on chris reeves Damascus

    Current production is Chad Nichols, Devin Thomas was the main supplier for years and recently retired which is why the switch occurred. In the past they have used some others in a limited capacity such as Jerry Rados, Bertie Reitvelt, Damasteel, Gary House, Bill Burke to mention a few. yes...
  3. Richard in LA

    Is this legit

  4. Richard in LA

    Sebenza serrated

    Not yet on 31’s but you may be able to find an old stock 21. The only blade shape option on the 31 currently is a plain drop point.
  5. Richard in LA

    Lifetime warranty question

    People carry and use out of production regular/classic/P/original sebenzas all the time. While you or I cannot just call and order a new blade I would imagine they have more than a couple of them stashed away for any warranty issues that arise in the future. If you use your knife for it’s...
  6. Richard in LA

    Cost of a small Regular Sebenza

    Varies greatly depending on the graphic
  7. Richard in LA

    Any Clue What I Have Here?

    Umfaan circles graphic
  8. Richard in LA


    Don’t forget someone paid them 25% to sell it at that price also!
  9. Richard in LA

    Seb 31 and Jekyl to Hyde

    Yes they do. There is a slight gap though with the change on the 31 where the lanyard exits, but other wise are the same and they fit fine
  10. Richard in LA

    Sebenza thumb stud?

    Pretty sure it’s 100% titanium
  11. Richard in LA

    2008 small sebenza

    2008 plain, or inlaid? Annual, classic, 21, regular sebenza? Pics would help.
  12. Richard in LA

    Umnumzaan FDE Question

    15 each Tanto/ drop point FDE, $600 10 each Tanto/ drop point with chad Nichols boomerang Damascus $800. Info directly from @chrisreeveknives Instagram page Last year was the same amount and price of black KG Gunkote zaans.
  13. Richard in LA

    First CRK has arrived “Forever Flag”

    Maybe it was 6 plain blades models. There’s a couple Damascus as well.
  14. Richard in LA

    Sold — Large Sebenza 21 with Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood/Double Lug

    You got an email, my gold subscription ran out and I can’t message
  15. Richard in LA

    Thumb Stud Recolor

    Nope, I’m not. That’s why silver is the bear color for a user