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  1. Pickergrinner

    Ferrum forge/spyderco

    I’d like to buy the Brouwer. I sent my email to your profile.
  2. Pickergrinner

    Microtech LUDT and Vector-A

    Funds send for LUDT per our emails. Thanks!
  3. Pickergrinner

    Protech SBR LG411

    I’ll take it. I sent contact information to your profile.
  4. Pickergrinner

    Medford slim midi , Spyderco Paysan

    I would like the slim midi. I'll leave email on your profile.
  5. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    It's another vote for the 940-1 over the 940. Chaparral is interesting. I've not considered it much but the dimension are very close to a knife that I used to carry ALL the time, the Protech/Strider PT collab. The size was really useful and it had a great deep carry clip. My nitpick on that...
  6. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    I got the 940-2 for my dad a few years ago. He's used it harder than me but they feel similar to me. How about the pentavirate from So I Married an Axe Murderer :o
  7. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    Thanks! Of the more recent blades that are down the road, I miss the Delica ZDP-189 the most.
  8. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    I'm usually not a fan of Cold Steel by that Ti Lite is cool. I've been waiting for some sort of PM/para response!! I like pointier blades too but the initial para 3 just didn't seem the lightweight might be a different story...
  9. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    Very very nice triumvirate
  10. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    Accepting graciously is the key ;)
  11. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    I like the looks of Olamic a lot. I’ve had them on my shortlist before but never pulled the trigger on one. I can’t put my finger on why, but thumb studs and Spidey holes stick around longer than flippers with me. And I’m not really a fan of the thumb stud on the Sebenza… Maybe I should...
  12. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    Agreed and doubtful that I will ever let this one go but it's interesting to ponder the options. There was also a reality check when getting to these 3...I had several larger folders that sat while a Delica was out doing the majority of the cutting. I gave that Delica away, but it could easily...
  13. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    I like the 940-1. The 940 has honestly found my pocket the most recently. Maybe the Seb for a Hinderer?...hmmm
  14. Pickergrinner

    And Then There Were Three

    The knife collection recently shrunk...decided to thin the herd. As far as folders without sentimental value go, this is what I landed on. Gone are many flippers, fancier steel, bearings, autos, and modern traditionals. What's left is a large micarta Sebenza, 940, and Sage 5. So, for fun, what...
  15. Pickergrinner

    Recommendation? Getting my second knife: Spyderco Stretch V2 vs VG10

    And you really like the shade of blue scales on the Vtoku2 right? I wouldn't sweat the corrosion concern...sounds like you are ok with a blade that has some character marks. The Vtoku2 Stretch is just cooler in my estimation. I haven't used that steel so can't comment on performance.
  16. Pickergrinner

    Recommendation? Fixed Blade EDC Advice

    I bought a blade that's his take on a puukko. Fit and finish are superb. Steel choice is limited. He does both Kydex (what I have/fit is perfect) and leather sheaths. What I bought would fall in your budget. Might be worth a look. and he is a knifemaker/member here under Isley.
  17. Pickergrinner

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    Reminds me of a fancy, bottle-opening version of my Benchmade 940. The grind is the same and everything ;)
  18. Pickergrinner

    Fixed blade EDC=Everyday Countertop

    Keep your wife and kids and contact Daado about building you one! So the story on this one is that it has a twin that I missed buying by about a minute. I PM’d him and he built me a very similar one. Very reasonable price, good communication, and got it in hand quickly considering it was coming...