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  1. fatboyclone

    Bad Hulk2e(Account Hacked)

    I know Hulk personally and can confirm his account has been hacked. The mods have been notified and are working the situation. Notice was sent to the potential buyer also
  2. fatboyclone

    Happy Birthday Andy!!!

    happy birthday fellas!
  3. fatboyclone

    GEC 128119 Chen Chen Rosewood - Free Olight!

    Take your choice of Olight i3uv, tan i1r2 or black i1r2
  4. fatboyclone

    GEC 128119 Chen Chen Rosewood - Free Olight!

    Brand new in tube, never carried, only out for pictures. GEC 128119 with Chen Chen Rosewood covers. $70 shipped via PayPal G&S. Sorry no trades or international sales.
  5. fatboyclone

    Fiddleback knife sale

    i'll take #4; PM incoming
  6. fatboyclone

    Happy Birthday Phillip

    Happy Birthday Phillip!
  7. fatboyclone

    New CRK from dealer- WWYD?

    This. There are too many other dealers out there to deal with @BladeHQ's BS. Pack it up and return it.
  8. fatboyclone

    Custom GB chat thread

    @VANCE Email sent thanks for the opportunity!
  9. fatboyclone

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 2/14/20

    @Outpost Allison @VANCE do you have a pic of the other side of the pocket ninja? thanks
  10. fatboyclone

    Fiddleback forge bushfinger with Jou Fuu sheath

    What’s the blade thickness? Do you have other pics of the knife?
  11. fatboyclone

    Happy Birthday Andy!!!

    Happy Birthday Andy. Hope you have a great day!
  12. fatboyclone

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/31/20

    Been waiting for a 3/32 Bushfinger for a couple years!