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  1. Velitrius

    Benchmade Bailout Tanto M4

    The Bugout and Bailout are phenomenal for hiking. They don't weigh anything and don't take up any space. The Bailout model you are looking at is made of good stuff by a good company. It will likely last you a lifetime of solo hikes. Take it for the "cutting tool" aspect instead of the...
  2. Velitrius

    Pocket checking strangers - pickup lines

    "Please send photos of Damascus."
  3. Velitrius

    Case vs. Sak

    @Quiet that's a decent set of thoughts. I had not researched these pieces at all, I was just tossing out my thoughts on which I would amass for myself. But it does stand to reason that a quick run through someplace like eBay would give at least some cursory indication as to future value. OP...
  4. Velitrius

    Case vs. Sak

    Best one to COLLECT? I don't know. Best one that I have found to carry with me though is the SAK offerings. Really something else as far as ease of carry and utilitarian purpose. I carry a SAK Rambler, and I'll likely do so until I perish from this earth. The ALOX collections are probably...
  5. Velitrius

    Spyderco World Trade Center Knife

    I'm in, very nice offering!
  6. Velitrius

    Buddy got a Traeger... what knife to gift him?

    Velitrius here, Patron Saint of the Terrible Ironic Horde, Friend of the Friendless, bringing Hope to the Hopeless and Clues to the Clueless, et al, etc.... Like it says, buddy gets himself a Traeger smoker grill and is smoking the living daylights out of animals as we speak. Of course, he has...
  7. Velitrius

    Knife to carry in Bear country

    Curled up crying with shorts full of poop is officially known as "the fecal position", BTW.
  8. Velitrius

    General question

    I love AUS8. I like how it gets very sharp with extremely little effort. All of my AUS8 pieces are in small knives that don't get drawn into any sort of hard use tasks like construction or automobile maintenance, so they stay sharp just fine. I don't have any D2 stuff any more that I can think...
  9. Velitrius

    What to do with old automatics

    Oooohhh, they definitely deserve a space amongst the rest of your knives. Those are keepers in my book. Display them proudly... I myself appreciate you showing them here.
  10. Velitrius

    Surprise from Chris Reeve knives

    {Tries to imagine anyone feeling sad about owning any Chris Reeve knife} Ahhh, I failed.
  11. Velitrius

    Best knives for the city?

    Indeed. It's the Saint-Bernard-With-A-Cask-Of-Brandy-Around-Its-Neck of the knife world. If you see one appear, it's likely a relief. No laughing matter. The scissors might be the most used accessory on any of my multitools that are so equipped.
  12. Velitrius

    Best knives for the city?

    Yeah, this is me. An urban emergency to me involves cutting the split end off my radiator hose and tightening the hose clamp back up. Multi-Tool to the rescue. You can get a decent array of emergency-busting tools in a very small carry.... Victorinox Tinker or Pioneer, Leatherman Squirt or...
  13. Velitrius

    Difficult choice for edc knife

    If you want fidgety, you want an Axis lock.... so get the Mini Bugout. It's fidget friendly as it gets. I have never broken a spring in any of the Axis lock Benchmades I've had in all the years I've had them. And I'm not particularly gentle on knives.
  14. Velitrius

    Looking for a Shorter blade to carry.

    Yeah, I'll jump in and say the Scallion as well.... mine has a billion miles on it and it still going strong... still a joy to carry. Real inexpensive but insanely practical is the KA-BAR Mini Dozier Folding Hunter. Thing disappears in your pocket, and is a breeze to maintain. The Spyderco...
  15. Velitrius

    Favorite small knife

    The Spyderco Baby Jess Horn.
  16. Velitrius

    Recommendation? First real SS Utility/fighting knife

    Jeff Freeman is legit. He is a maker out of Oregon who has been putting out top shelf stuff for a while now. He lives down near my relatives. I didn't get a chance to look him up last time I was down, but I'll fix that. Check out his website and his Facebook page and I'm sure you'll be...
  17. Velitrius

    Recommendation? First real SS Utility/fighting knife

    Well let me try the Freeman Outdoor Gear Model 451 5.0 as a recommendation. If you are into a bit smaller piece, then the 451 4.0 should fit quite well...
  18. Velitrius

    Recommendation? First real SS Utility/fighting knife

    I would contact @David Mary and have him brew up exactly what you want. Going the custom route is the only way I have really ever gotten all of the features I wanted.
  19. Velitrius

    Anyone else fill a 'cart', think better of it, and empty it shortly after?

    Eh, I'll throw alittle something in a cart quite often. Then I sober up.
  20. Velitrius

    Cold steel kubon vs tanto lite . Which one is the better overall knife ?

    I like the Kobun. I like the AUS-8 steel, I enjoy the Kray-Ex for the handle material and I greatly prefer the sheath. Subjective stuff on my part I'll agree... But for me the Kobun is the "better overall knife". Better yet would be the Recon Tanto. $30 will get you one at Midway USA.