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  1. jdk1

    Received my Cold Steel Cinquedea...

    Though its not a sword, I would be waving it around saying, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!":D
  2. jdk1

    Love my new range boss (black)

    Really? 4034? It looks like a great, simple pocket knife, but 4034 with an MSRP of over $50? I hate to open this can of worms again, but use some AUS10 and try again.
  3. jdk1

    Machetes Save Lives

    The versatility of the simple machete knows no bounds!
  4. jdk1


    There were some impressive cuts in that clip!
  5. jdk1

    2021 Prices Are Out

    I seem too recall reading something about steel stock prices above 1\4" being much higher. I can't recall where or from whom that info came, but it was credible source IIRC. So, the 5\16" stock may add a lot to this, but, 3v would be a good reason to shave that spine down to 1\4. With the...
  6. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    Either should be fine. You already polished the blade, so its not like it'll effect collector value. I think a brushed finish would be good for a user.
  7. jdk1

    Cold Steel Survivalist 52100

    Not too long with use, as its just a cold blue. It helps some and looks good. For strictly utilitarian protection, the factory coating will work pretty well. It will definitely drag on wood, but use will quickly wear it off of the contact areas. If it was my hit the woods and never look back...
  8. jdk1

    Cold Steel Survivalist 52100

    @Loony this thread has pics I took with the scales off: The good thing about this knife is, if the scales broke, the knife is largely unaffected. It might be the ultimate zombie apocalypse knife...
  9. jdk1

    Cold Steel Survivalist 52100

    The handle inserts aren't G10, they're plastic, but they're a low stress part. They're also somewhat protected by the steel handle. Its an outstanding knife and a very good bargain at the $58 for which I've seen them sell. Here's mine I stripped and blued with Brownells Oxpho Blue.
  10. jdk1

    Cold Steel 14 Cold Steel Folders

    Per our coms, ill take the XL and S tanto Voyagers. Thanks!
  11. jdk1


    I think it was OK, so props to those dudes. But, I prefer, by a large margin, the old LT videos. LT's videos may have been a bit over the top, but he was truly "into" all of that stuff. From the spears, to blow guns, to martial arts moves with knives, he was a student and aficionado of the...
  12. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    That’s upsetting and a little contradictory to some of Grohmann’s own info and what others have seen but it is what it is! Definitely a good knife with a personal connection. It’s a true classic and handmade by our friends to the North.
  13. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    @Chris 54326 check out this link: It contains a lot of info on dating these knives. Have your friend take a picture of the other side of the tang. It should say Rd-1958 if it was made during the 1958-1978 design registration period. But...
  14. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    Its older for sure, Maybe pre-1967 (looking at photos online),but I don't know when they changed the names and stamps. Interestingly, before they began stamping "stainless" or "carbon" on them, they used a "c" or "s" in a circle to denote the steel. Since yours has neither, I would guess it's...
  15. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    There's only one Grohmann in his pics, the #1. The #2 is a smaller version of the #1. For reference, here's a pic (borrowed from the internet) of the Grohmann fixed blades. From left to right: #'s 4, 3, 2, 1. As for length, it's all about for what these knives were designed: Canadian...
  16. jdk1

    RH Russell Belt Knife

    It's DH Russell. That knife is now known as the #1. Tell him to keep it and use it. Its a classic!
  17. jdk1

    Axes from Karelia (Mikhail Artemeyev)

    That’s awesome Jay! These are stunning axes.
  18. jdk1

    Return of the Recon Scout!

    There are just too many outstanding knives competing with the RS. I know they are unpopular, but I paid ~$245 for my Survive Knives 7/7 factory 2nd. 3V, Delta heat treat (a la Carothers), incredibly ergonomic Micarta or G10 (many options) and the best Kydex sheath I've ever seen. Made in USA...