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    Brian Tighe and Friends Integral

    Interested in any trades?
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    Wife got pissed sale

    Is the 810 contego still available or is it sold?
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    Pacific Salt SE and XHP Cold Steel For Sale

    Can I get some more pics of any wear on the blade ans centering on the AK? I just bought one on Amazon last week but had to return it for shitty QC on the grinds, just wanna make sure this one is better made.
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    Microtech Socom Elite clip point tactical

    I'll take it per our PM's, thanks
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    Spyderco 3 Ethnic Series Knives and a Pakkawood Delica

    Any interests in trades for the Hungarian? Or just looking to sell?
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    Hinderer XM18 3.5 & Maximus

    Pls send pics of Skinner to auszilagyi @ live not com, thanks
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    Zero Tolerance 0450, spydie millie fluted ti

    Wouldn't dream of stepping in front of someone who called dibs, great price on a great knife I hope you enjoy it friend
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    Zero Tolerance 0450, spydie millie fluted ti

    Perfect, been missing my ti-mil since I sold it lol
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    Zero Tolerance 0450, spydie millie fluted ti

    Is the military still available, or has it sold?
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    Sebenza 21

    3/19/18 is just a specifically important date I my personal life, there's no other reason for anyone else to prefer that date
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    Sebenza 21

    On the odd chance that the DOB is 3/19/18, I'll take it. Otherwise, I will not. So I guess pending that info.
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    Kershaw Blur S30V Knife. New in box.

    What color is the aluminum handle?
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    Model 3 Linerlock with Carbon Fiber

    Been looking at your knives on here for a while and it looks like you finally got me on one, I love it and I'll take it. Sending a PM now.
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    If it's XHP steel and still available, I'll take it.
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    REDUCED! Guardian Tactical Helix Combat 3.75" desert tan

    Does the PM2 come with the original g10 scales as well?
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    CARBON FIBER SPRING CLEARANCE BUNDLE - 9 KNIVES FOR $948 - ZT M390s, Spyderco Sprint, Kershaw Ltd Ed

    I assume you don't want to split these up at all? I'd be interested in the QM but not really interested in anything else
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    *SOLS* DPX Hest

    What's the overall condition of the hest? Looks good but curious to know if there are any cosmetic or functional issues I wouldn't be able to see here
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    Is this a first production run or no?