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  1. archieblue


    If I didn’t have an Endura and a Delica and wanted a new Seki Spydie it would 100% be an Endela. It looks perfect.
  2. archieblue

    I know you carry a Spyderco, but to what are you list'n?

    T Swifts new album is really good. Check out track 11 “Cowboy Like Me.”
  3. archieblue

    Let’s talk about S35VN

    It’s the only departure that really makes sense to me. 3V Sebenza. Enter drool emoji.
  4. archieblue

    Let’s talk about S35VN

    Seriously. CRK spontaneously threw a lefty hoorah and it’s a good time to be a southpaw!
  5. archieblue

    How well does CAD/CNC Millwork hold up?

    I don’t think that will do at all. Send it over to me and I’ll test it out for ya.
  6. archieblue

    Let’s talk about S35VN

    I spent 13+ years as a professional guide. I lived completely off the grid more or less homesteading. Now I’m a full time carpenter. To say I use my knives would be accurate. I carry a pocket knife as a “do whatever comes up” tool. So that’s what it does best... a myriad of tasks. It is a...
  7. archieblue

    When Did CRK Stop Using Solid Washers?

    After second quarter 2009
  8. archieblue

    CMP 4V Fixed Blade?

    Nkonka was CPM-3V
  9. archieblue

    CMP 4V Fixed Blade?

  10. archieblue

    I would buy a small Impinda

    One of my favorite aspects of my Impinda is the size. It really is a Goldilocks size for an edc.
  11. archieblue

    Spyderco packaging

    I think every single item needs to go more minimal on packaging. It’s a huge waste of the worlds resources.
  12. archieblue

    Kershaw Launch 13

    11 is a super little knife.
  13. archieblue

    Medford Experiences

    My local B&M carries Medford and seems to usually have 8-10 in stock. The last time I was in there I handled them and they were completely lackluster. There was not a thing I liked. Their stock ranged from big crazy thick to the teensy ones. They were all (comparatively) not usable designs...
  14. archieblue

    What's The longest you've carried a sebenza for?

    My first small plain regular was my sole EDC for 4 years, 2001-2005. That was back when I was a one knife guy.
  15. archieblue

    Sharpening CRK’s for edc use

    Sharpmaker all the way.
  16. archieblue

    Sebenza 31s out of stock

    My local dealer in Sedalia CO has some.
  17. archieblue

    Blade and Grind on Sebenza 21 vs 31

    Stonewash or gtfo IMO.
  18. archieblue

    Sebenza jimping

    Historically, CRK monkeys with the jimping all the time. I had a regular with only like six big wide kerfs. As long as the machining is spot on symmetrical I don’t mind.
  19. archieblue

    Favorite spyderco.

    I would say any Native 5 followed closely by any Military.