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  1. Brian77

    Delta 3v Recipe exclusive or shared?

    Seeing Guys latest video, was very disappointed to see that all bevels are ground after heat treat. But that explains why the Delta is going away. It would seem almost impossible to avoid heat at the micro bevel during all the grinding and sharpen
  2. Brian77

    Hand Forged Axes!

    Paul Krzyskowiski "Toronto Blacksmith" on Instagram makes axes and has classes for people to teach them forging axes. Also Lamaca Axes are handforged.. I have 2 and really love the steel and the hang. There are a number of makers that will take orders and use 1070, 5160 or similar...
  3. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    I wish I could push the like button 59 times. The boys are going to be put to work with those. And they are very excited. My sister-in-law is an emergency room doctor, and she is not at all excited about this Prospect. Chuckle.
  4. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    I worry about how to store it. Maybe slightly dull the one edge? But i need to get it first. Any words from the top on when they will happen?
  5. Brian77

    Random Thought Thread

    I would argue the Mennonites might even be better.! But I am biased. 😏
  6. Brian77

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    They have arrived. We really like them. The "feel" is something special.
  7. Brian77

    CPK Kephart

    Received ours! Celebrations have erupted all over the farm. Wood is being whittled and carved. And this knife speaks to me. I love it. My only kephart!
  8. Brian77

    The "Ask Jo (NinJO) Thread"

    Was your maiden name Bear? Austin is marrying a "Bear"
  9. Brian77

    Random Thought Thread

    Hey, how you doing? If you ever get in t f again, I will have you stop by and see my daughter and son-in-law. And yes they were hiking in the cabinet mountains, west of Thompson Falls, and at one point they were within a quarter-mile of the Idaho line
  10. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Can't wait! Getting closer! Thistle season is almost past but time to clear shooting lanes
  11. Brian77

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    Just checking on the 3 we ordered
  12. Brian77

    Changes, looking for feedback

    1. Yes, that's a good move and there may be some advantage to creating that new channel and transferring relevant videos as some already said. With a link to the new channel? 2. I believe that will save a lot of stress for both of you, as the Amazon structure is a beast 3. A email...
  13. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    I did not know that. I will look at that!
  14. Brian77

    Random Thought Thread

    My 15 year old son is in the Thompson Falls, Montana area today. Tomorrow we drop him off at the church, where he will meet up with some men and about 20 other boys to head up into the high mountains for 8 days in a boy's Wilderness / Survival Camp. I can't wait to hear how it goes, but he will...
  15. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Anyone get their sword recently? Any news?
  16. Brian77


    Nice. Years ago I bought 3 from there. I really like them. And yes, thick and very tough. Amazing how those men work with very primitive tools and still get them looking that good
  17. Brian77

    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Is yours getting close? I know I am after yours
  18. Brian77

    Happy 5th birthday to the CPK sub-forum :)

    Yes it's very interesting to watch the time go by. It does not seem that long ago when I was spending hours and hours researching knife steel and makers from Blade Forums. It seemed like every Google search I would do related to various topics would bring me back to posts and forums on Blade...
  19. Brian77

    Axe? Please educate me

    Evaporust is a phenomenal product that a lot of us use that try to protect and restore old tools.
  20. Brian77

    old wood cook stove

    Please email me? I can possibly help. Brian at Ehstland dot Com