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  1. marthinus

    Gough Knives

    Great person and knives. I remember him starting out years ago doing primary grinds on a guided system. Love to see how far he has come and his process of making these from a machining perspective is mind blowing for me. As for the steel. Nothing wrong with A2 in my opinion. He tested a bunch...
  2. marthinus

    Pocket checking strangers - pickup lines

    Was at a local restaurant for brunch. Spoke to the owner and then noticed the Benchmade clip. Was a 950 rift that saw plenty of use. 2.5 hours later I said goodbye.
  3. marthinus

    Review All new REK Sparrow!!

    thanks for the writeup. Pleasure to read.
  4. marthinus

    Review The all new REK Ember (mildly graphic content -hunting)

    Nice writeup of a good looking and performing knife. I have not read a good review like this in a long time. Thank you for the effort as I know it takes a lot of time.
  5. marthinus

    Front Flipper Fans?

    Still have it as part of my collection but don’t carry it. Been trying to get my designs done and made but it seems I am ending up with more of my own pieces in my pocket than what actually leaves the door 🤦
  6. marthinus

    Post your Spyder Pics

  7. marthinus

    Bladeshow Magnacut Sebenza

    This was one of the exclusives.
  8. marthinus

    Bladeshow Magnacut Sebenza

    If anyone has them post some pictures. Personally I would love to give Magnacut a shot in this platform. They looked stunning on the videos. The one below belongs to @Larrin
  9. marthinus

    Cruwear and thin grinds

    What are your uses? Generally Cruwear will have more toughness and should be able to be ground thinner than S110V without experiencing chipping but I doubt you will see the full benefits without regrinding the PM2. That being said we have seen some thin S110V in the past as well but the users...
  10. marthinus

    Has Spyderco ever used L6 Steel?

    Between it and 52100 I doubt we as users would see a significant difference.
  11. marthinus

    What knife would you like to see with MagnaCut blade steel?

    Gayle Bradley 1 folder and Military.
  12. marthinus

    smoothest backlocks

    Production wise you get some good classics, Buck 110 etc and more modern ones include Cold Steel and Spyderco. That being said, for exceptional smooth backlocks there are custom makers making backlogs that are mind boggling smooth. Des Horn, J Oeser etc.
  13. marthinus

    Recommendation? Grease VS Oil, the great debate...

    Forgot to mention I have also used Moebius grease. I use it in watch repair work and mainly my bearing knives. Worked well on my Sebenza as well.
  14. marthinus

    Recommendation? Grease VS Oil, the great debate...

    Beem running sewing machine oil/nano oil in my Inkosi since 2017. Never stripped. been running grease/sewing machine oil/wd40 in Insingo since 2010. No issues. We tend to over think things. Grease does ad value at the lock interface IMO. All-Tap works great if you have a lock that is sticky.
  15. marthinus


    Manix, Military, Paramilitary, Gayle Bradley 1 folder, Spyderco Atlantic, Sebenzas. they just work for me. Multiple of my own designs that I screw up and are part of R&D (f-it bucket knives) :)
  16. marthinus

    Behind-the-edge (BTE) thickness

    Depending on the geometry I like a fully blended convex into a zero edge. I have been experimenting with thick stock and thin stock trying to fond that sweet spot for a zero edge. My main users are 0.01-0.015 inch behind the edge. One I am enjoying is the reground AD15
  17. marthinus

    Top Flipper Roundup

    It would be nice to get my name more out there, but I have no idea where to even start with commissioning a mid tech :) The smaller version has been one of my most popular models.
  18. marthinus

    Top Flipper Roundup

    Wish I could say yes, but don’t have the tools nor the time to push out knives. Work has been busy and was able to accomplish some pretty cool stuff. I have been busy with 6 knives (not the one above) for the past year, 3 are scrapped to the bucket due to me not making knives for a year...
  19. marthinus

    Top Flipper Roundup

    Correction on this post. I forgot the custom I made for my dad. So I have made 2 front flippers. He has carried it since 2016. I extended the opener as his hands give some issues in terms of pain.