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  1. halm

    Big Chris 4v Kephart

    My friend and I both have the 3V version of this knife and of all of the knives we have, it is our favorite. We use it mostly for food prep in the kitchen. I use mine almost every day. can't go wrong with this one! GLWS!
  2. halm

    GSO 2.7 and GSO Necker

    I will take the necker. PM incoming.
  3. halm


    Sorry to chime in with commentary, but I bought one of these from Choppaman and I could not be happier with his communication, and how the knife was packaged, how quickly it was sent and that it was indeed in flawless, as new shape. Buy with confidence here, folks.
  4. halm

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    I'm in for one! paid Shipped 7/22 Shipping
  5. halm

    Pre-order for the new Kephart?

    For sure. Love Kepharts!
  6. halm


    I'll take knife 8.
  7. halm

    SOLD, Forty 4" Boot Daggers, Delta 3V

    I appreciate that. I honestly do. I don't have a better solution for you, so I should probably have just kept my big yapper shut. I far prefer that your area of excellence is in the making of the sharp and pointy things, rather than in the area of nifty ways to sell things on the...
  8. halm

    SOLD, Forty 4" Boot Daggers, Delta 3V

    Love your knives, hate the way you sell them. I guess it's better than the SURVIVE! the business model of taking your money and in 4 years give you a knife but Jesus this seems to lend itself to the same few guys grabbing up all the interesting knives.
  9. halm

    Sold!Nathan Carothers: CPK-HDFK unbuffed Green Micarta scales + SWG Deluxe Scout sheath with Dangler

    Two PM's replied to, but they both had the same question: LH or RH sheath. The hardware comes off and it is reversible, you can have it left or right, horizontal or verticle. I have to say, the sheath is genius. Also, the steel is Delta 3V.
  10. halm

    Sold!Nathan Carothers: CPK-HDFK unbuffed Green Micarta scales + SWG Deluxe Scout sheath with Dangler

    Up for sale (no trades, sorry) is my CPK HDFK. Unbuffed green micarta scales. Comes with the Sagewood Gear "Carothers Heavy Duty Field Knife PRS Deluxe Scout Sheath" ($185) plus the Scout Sheath Vertical Carry Conversion with Dangler ($29.95). Plus, it comes with a Überleben 3/16ths fire...
  11. halm

    CPK Behemoth Chopper ALL SOLD

    Big Chris was a steal! The most useful knife I own, if I had the $ I would have gotten this one as a backup! Good snag.
  12. halm

    Denn hunting knife

    That is a beaut.
  13. halm

    Big Chris Bolo 3V

    Oh God I need this so bad. Trades? Partial Trades?
  14. halm

    My name is Worldwatcher and I’m a CPKaholic!

    You are in for a treat, my friend! No knife I have ever held feels more a part of my arm, wrist and hand than the FK2. It pops out of the kydex and just welds itself to your hand. I'm super pumped that you are super pumped about it! And I am glad I could be of assistance in your joining...
  15. halm


    I'll take it.
  16. halm

    SOLD- Vintage Camillus Jet Pilot Survival Knife - 1971

    Oh geeze, that is a beaut. Any interest in trades of any sort?