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    So I see This Tiny Little Knife...

    I did not see this thread before. I love the Manbug and Ladybug knives. The Manbug's handle is a tad thicker and therefore easier to use, but I like the Ladybug's blade shape pretty well but prefer the full flat grind of the Manbug. Either can be a good EDC and I carry one everyday at some...
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    s30v or K390?

    K390 is like a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and S30V is like a 5.0 Liter Mustang GT.
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    110 not ss

    It is interesting to note that 420HC is tougher than 5160 and S30V. 420HC probably has a bit better edge holding than 5160, 1095, and other lower end non-stainless steels.
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    Buck 102, how old?

    When I blow up the picture I see a dot at the top right of the K.
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    110 not ss

    Many like to use ferro rods. I like magnesium bars with them. Can't miss. 5160 is still to be had at Copperandclad and probably elsewhere.
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    Can Anyone Help?

    I suggest you post this in the Multitools sub-forum. There are some folks over there who know a lot about such Swiss Army type knives.
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    Looking for a Shorter blade to carry.

    I have a bunch of knives in that size range as I prefer pocket knives. I prefer the Spyderco FRN Dragonfly and so does my wife.
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    Dragonfly 2: FRN or G-10?

    BOOMER52 here on Bladeforums can do this work. You must have a G10 or Pakkawood or Nishijin model with liners, however, for the scales to attach to. For the FRN version, I am not sure but there is a guy who might can, but he is not a member, here, so I can't mention his name, but he is very popular.
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    Dragonfly 2: FRN or G-10?

    I have a Nishijn fiber and a G10, as well as a number of FRN models. If forced to keep one, I'd keep the G10 or Nishijin. They are not heavy and feel more like a traditional pocket knife in the pocket or in hand. I love the looks. However, on a more practical side, the FRN are a lot less...
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    Olight getting into the knife game

    Yawn. Just another cheap liner lock.
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    The Pioneer X = Brilliant!

    I didn't either until I started carrying something that had them. It is amazing how much use they get. It is my most used tool, by far. Paper, tags, strings on clothing, envelopes, duct tape, bags of chips, and all sorts of things. It is the most useful tool for me.
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    The Pioneer X = Brilliant!

    I carry my Pioneer X in a leather slip, most of the time, but sometimes I just drop it in my pocket. I can't comment on the climber except to say that the plastic scales are always more bulky than Alox.
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    I think I found my "If I had to choose one" folder..!!!

    I had long thought the Manix 2 back lock was my "One folder." However, it now has a serious contender in the Straight Spine Stretch K390.
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    Looking for a nice oudoorsy knife

    There is a Buck 102 Woodsman with green micarta handle and S35VN steel out there. This is a nice carry-able sized fixed blade. One of my favorites.
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    Can't decide on my first EDC!Help!

    I'll just be honest. I do not like any of these knives. Sorry to be a debbie downer. I think there are much better knives for a lot less money. The steel is good, and that is all I'll say. I would not chose the BT at all. If forced, I tell you to get one of the ZT's, but again, there are better...
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    Ka-Bar's unpopular MK1

    You forgot that it also requires a gas mask or at least a clothes pin for the nose. 😆😆😆
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    Help identify a Wenger SAK

    I'd say that is the Master Fisherman.
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    Help me pick?

    The Esee Izula is a good place to start. You can get the base 1095, a tough as nails knife, or the new S35VN stainless. You will have to order some scales for it, but it will still be well under your budget. Also, Cold Steel has the dandy Mini Pendleton Hunter and either steel choice will be...
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    New Knife for Overseas Deployment: Axis Lock or Back Lock?

    If I were serving again I would not take an axis lock. The springs break on occasion. The Compression lock of the PM3 is strong and it is easy to clean. The back lock is the strongest and is okay cleaning, but is not flow through like the PM3. I would choose either the PM3 for gunk proof...
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    Birthday Present

    Spyderco Bug or Honeybee in all black. There is a Grasshopper, too, that is larger. Very tiny and cool knives. I have a Bug I use as a pendant.