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    How’d I do on this purchase?

    The Osborne logo can be this way, or missing the bottom text, Benchmade has changed it over time. That said, op has pics where the writing looks just cut off. Weird, I would be careful if it's real. Even pawn shop price should have been higher.
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    What's your newest Buck knife

    Really depends on so many variables. Time of year, current production runs, people being out, ect.... Both companies have amazing cs, but I've had to wait a month to get a Spyderco back before (that was a while ago). Point is that even with a wait, both companies will take care of you.
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    Benchmade out of the box sharpness

    This! Send back to benchmade with them covering shipping if it's new, they will take care if it and make it right. Just got a 940-1 back, was dull, and now is a light saber.
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    Recommendation? Sharpener

    Spyderco sharpmaker is essential, and can easily sharpen about anything. Plus the video it comes with Sal walks you through everything. Very valuable knowledge in that video alone!
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Nice man, the bowie blade is perfect for the CT, and will be impossible to find soon. If they had it available when I got mine I'd definitely have gone bowie.
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    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    Oh no, they don't get off that easy. We waited for ever to have a Becker folder. Kabar should know the disappointment shared in the poor choices they made. China has no place in the same sentence as Ethan Becker. It's using sub par steel. It's gfn. The thumb studs look disgusting and take...
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    Recommendation? Good EDC under $60?

    Buck Vantage Buck Sprint Kershaw Link
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    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    Benchmade 940 - 1 Gerber Sumo Love the BM, like the Gerber more than I thought I would
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    Open Letter to KA-BAR

    And then a china made pot metal Becker folder?!?!?! Wait we have been asking for a Becker folder for ever and the bk40 is literally a sandwich of garbage. Lame wire clip also...... Kabar, you are throwing away your name.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Took advantage of the weird cooler weather!
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    Any Love For Spyderco Bow River?

    And tomatoes! Don't forget the tomatoes.
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    Any Love For Spyderco Bow River?

    I got it specifically for the kitchen. If I carry it past that I figured it would be a bonus. I haven't taken it hiking much, but the kitchen it has been used. Now I'm trying to save for 3 more to make our steak knife set for the family.