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    Spyderco Delica M390 BOTH SOLD

    I’ll take that delica. Heading to bed it’s 1:30am here. So if you have a delayed response I apologize. My email is my username at gmail if needed.
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    Mint OP Zaan, Wilson Combat Startac, Large Sebenzas

    Damn nice catch that is my kids birthday.
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    Large Sebenza 21 Micarta

    What’s the DOB on this?
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    WTS - Giant Mouse Ace Biblio SPF

    The scales look like they are polished are they still grippy or smooth after the dye job?
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    Handguns - Kimber SCP, Kimber Solo

    Missing prices on the last two and no solo listed
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    Tactical Turn Ti BA Pen, BM Bugout Scales, Olight S1R2, Freeman G10 Insert

    Unlikely seconds on bugout scales. Funds ready now. My username at if it comes up
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    Iphone 11 64GB Unlocked

    I know it’s unlocked but What carrier was this on? Want to see if it has the appropriate bands for my carrier.
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    Leather Sheaths/Slips and Spyderco Mule Scales

    I’ll take B. My email is my username at Removed email address. haven’t got an email yet so figured I’d post it here. Email replied funds sent. Thank you
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    SOLD: Benchmade WorkSharp Field Sharpener and 2 x Benchmade hats

    I’ll take this my username and gmaildotcom
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    Small 21 Micarta Insingo-Lightly used-SOLD

    Omg so tempted it’s my grail. Out of my comfort range though.
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    Para 3 Lightweight SOLD

    Replied funds sent.
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    Para 3 Lightweight SOLD

    Ill take this. My email is my username at gmail dot com. I can’t PM
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    Mini Bugouts

    I’ll take the black and white one.
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    Sebenza 21 Small

    Just a reminder. Not sure if you’ve sold on here before. Please follow forum posting rules. Net is not allowed. It has to be figured into your pricing. You could do this much f&f and this G&S and let the member decide which price they want to pay depending on their comfort level.
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    Esee Izula

    This didn’t show in my feed. Can’t believe I missed it. Good grab
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    Bradford guardian 3 n690

    Email sent 10 hours no reply. Sorry I need better communication. I’m out. GLWS
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    What’s your preferred folder size

    Small for me. I can go up to 3.5”but depends on the knife. Seems like anything bigger that that I just don’t carry no matter how much the design appeals to me.