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  1. wildmanh

    The woods are still open.

  2. wildmanh

    5300 Gunny Knife

    That's neat!
  3. wildmanh

    ndog Gots Him a New Beachmobile!

    Glad to hear it! Have heard that oil changes on the 7.3 are expensive! My blazer is cheap on oil changes thank goodness. Love having 4x4 up the canyons and with the snow. Plus the cargo capacity. Loose starter isn't good. Been there, wasn't fun. 4-wheel drive is pretty amazing! But it can get...
  4. wildmanh

    New Tanto

    The Original USMC MK II F/U was based off of the Wade And Butcher Boone which was based off of the Marbles Ideal hunter. My 2 examples are from around the 1920's. The spine is lower then the handle on both. I think it's the same on my Marbles Expert, Ka-Bar version of the Expert, Western Shark...
  5. wildmanh

    The last Nepolean Sword

    Wow, that blade looks amazing!
  6. wildmanh

    Besides Fiddlebacks what else do you like

    I've been collecting a bunch of old school designs recently, both vintage and modern made. Went silly on eBay hunting down old Western's, Marbles, and SOG knives the last year or so. Snagged a Sweet forged hawk from a maker right before he retired. Now I'm eyeing more classic knives and customs...
  7. wildmanh

    The Practical Hunter has arrived. All Hail the Practical Hunter !!!

    Very neat thread! I love seeing the evolution and start of designs. Had a hidden tang KPH years ago. It felt amazing in hand. But the blade was wider then I preferred at the time. Got into the Marbles Woodcraft, Western L88, etc knives recently which reminded me of the KPH. May need to track...
  8. wildmanh

    WTB: Looking for a Bloodwood Hiking Buddy from 2011 - or one like it!

    Did you find what you were looking for? That's a good looking set! A friend likes turning Bloodwood on the lathe. I saw the pictures and it reminded me of some of his turnings.
  9. wildmanh


    That's really neat! I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Wood handled ones finished. Need to save up so I can get in on more group orders. Those in Osage Orange are going to be sweet! It's a favorite of mine to turn on my lathe.
  10. wildmanh

    My "Folding Recluse"

    That's neat! I'll have to check out that folder.
  11. wildmanh

    Water Buffalo Horn

    Great looking gun and grips! Nice to see you still at it.
  12. wildmanh

    1 Year Sober! Thank You

    Congrats! :)
  13. wildmanh

    ndog Gots Him a New Beachmobile!

    How's the truck doing? You getting out of the city much with it? I got a '97 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4 last year. Still needs a little work, but it gets me everywhere I need to go. It handles the gravel and dirt roads around here just fine.
  14. wildmanh

    Passing through the Pasture Gate

    Bawanna Congrats on your retirement. How's things been going? Haven't been on here in for ever! Mostly I hang out in the turning groups on facebook these days. he he.
  15. wildmanh

    Did some whittlin.

    Looks good Joe! I love the grips you made for me. Should grab my guns out of storage at mom's house and put some lead down range.
  16. wildmanh

    Photos Fresh off the lathe. . . .

    He he he he! Finally got around to responding to your email, was sick for a while. Am doing better now. Turned a handful of pens today and refinished a few. Am learning more and more about the Lathe Chisels that I have and how to use them. Practicing finishing the wood, etc. After sanding from...
  17. wildmanh

    Photos Fresh off the lathe. . . .

    @stwm Email me and we can talk pens.
  18. wildmanh

    Photos Fresh off the lathe. . . .

    Funny you guys should mention Fountain Pens. I've been looking into them. One of my regular suppliers stocks a bunch of kits, they come with German made nibs. I'm tapped out this month, but can consider getting into them next month. Would need new drill bits and bushings and that's on top of the...