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    Important Info! Deceased makers

    Barry Posner, Sept 2012 Gene
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    Pitfalls of Western Union as payment?

    I'm contemplating a foreign transaction where the buyer wants to do a telegraphic payment. What are the pitfalls, and fees associated with doing this? I'll do a separate thread on the buyer. Thanks, Gene
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    Junk 1095???

    The first question would be where was the file made. If it's American or Swiss, you might play with it. If it's Chinese, Indian or Pakistani, throw it back. The next, and real question is: why mess with it when real 1095 is so cheap? You can buy some good 1095 and have a real knife for a few...
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    Drill press find. Suggestions needed(Photos added)

    You are on the right track. Whether you harvest the motor or simply replace it it sounds like a good deal. The VFD setup might cost more than replacement, I don't know. A variable speed disk grinder is sweet, too. You can always store the drill press until you do have room. I'd go for it. Gene
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    Wootz? Damascus?

    Wootz is the original damascus steel. The Russians call it Bulat. What we have today is pattern welded damascus. The process existed up until the 18th or 19th century, IIRC. It became unnecessary and was discarded for more modern processes. Dr James Batson, again IIRC, researched it and...
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    heating 154cm in a fire

    It's really simple: hold it at 1950 for 25 minutes, then quench. About as easy as can be. Just purely ghetto. BTW, did you plan on selling this knife shaped object when you are done? Best peddle it in the ghetto, or somewhere that your customer base knows nothing of steel. Some steels you can...
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    My first anvil, I NEED HELP!!

    You might check out and look for a chapter in Tennessee. If you can find a local, or close, chapter, they can probably hook you up with someone to do the work. That's the Artist Blacksmith Assn of North America. They also do hammer ins and can give you some really good tips as you...
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    Vacuum Pump Questions?

    Without a high pressure injection system you'll be pretty much unable to really stabilize wood. You will be able to soak it with stabilizing material, but that alone isn't all that is required. If all stabilizing took was a vacuum system, the major stabilizing companies would not have invested...
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    Re purpose broken blades

    It helps to know what the steel is and who made it. Import blades can be less than advertised. Angle grinders can take things off rather quickly regardless of hardness, especially in really thin sections. Another question is did you over heat it with the angle grinder. If you got anywhere past...
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    Reno Big Show?

    Thanks for the info. Typical gun show says everything I need to hear. Gene
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    Reno Big Show?

    Ray, I believe it's a gun and knife show, and IIRC, I spoke with some knife makers who did well there. I'm trying to get ideas. And from the newsletter today, the OKCA show will be going forward with Ben Tollson as the coordinator. Gene
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    Reno Big Show?

    Do any of the makers here do the Reno Big Show? We're interested in maybe doing some of the Nevada shows and Reno is a bunch closer than Vegas. Thanks, Gene
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    Heat Treatment Help in the Pac NW

    Try Paul Bos in Post Falls, Idaho. Gene
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    Ahan Hanantya is a real crook

    This is how the guy creeps under the radar and doesn't set off any real alarms or warning flags. It looks like a straight up sale, he's polite and doesn't look at all like a scammer. I'm sorry you got burned, too. Yeah, it can be devastating. In 2003 I learned the hard way for close to $1800...
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    Ahan Hanantya is a real crook

    Several years back I had a successful transaction to Hong Kong. In 2003 I took a $1700 hit on a deal to Indonesia.. I learned all the warning signs from that one. I really am ticked at the CC processor. I have to jump through hoops and pay a bunch to make sure that nobody can hack my site and...
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    Anyone know about or used wood lab for stabilization?

    I use Wood Lab. Michael is a great guy and does a ggod job. The wood comes back reasonably clean, each piece foil wrapped, and penetration is good. It comes back hard. I'll be getting back my last batch today or Monday. He did some dye work for me on this one, so we'll see how that comes out...
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    Ahan Hanantya is a real crook

    I don't hold out much hope on the charge back, mostly because the CC companies are into making money for them screw us. The only hope I have is that my profile with the processor is mail order, since I do most of my business online. They've taken the funds and mailed me the paperwork. Once I see...
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    Ahan Hanantya is a real crook

    I recently received a foreign order for a custom knife from Ahan Hanantya, [email protected] Billing address, shipping address, cardholder info all matched, CVV number was there. No request for a break on shipping, customs declaration or anything else. I checked with my card processing...
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    First experience with Pop's Knives and Supplies(UPDATE PG.3)

    No, he's putting you on ignore because you lambasted a vendor when the shipper is the problem.Pop's offered to send the order again if you hadn't received it. He's tracking the order and tells you all the info he has. Yeah, he could have provided you with a tracking number, but didn't. But none...
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    First experience with Pop's Knives and Supplies(UPDATE PG.3)

    Monger, Us little mom and pop outfits take our "stuff" to the shows. There is no one at home to take care of orders. Usually, when we get an order while at a show, I'll send an email explaining that we are at a show and will fill the order when we return. I make knives and blades. My wife...