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  1. willythekid

    GECs for sale

    US sales only please... All knives are brand new in tube. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Per usual, I reserve the right to withhold sale for any reason... If you have any questions or offers please do do through private message. Thanks much for looking. 1) Cocobolo 93 - $OLD...
  2. willythekid

    All sold

    I’ll take the 93
  3. willythekid

    "Old Knives"

    Make sure you stop into the Angry Trout for some fish chowder... my mouth is watering thinking about it.
  4. willythekid

    SOLD, BIG SLOW SALE, CPK Utility Field Knife, Delta 3V

    If there are any left I would like one please and thanks!
  5. willythekid

    Disregard. Wrong Forum.

    No biggie, just don’t want the mods to ding you.
  6. willythekid

    Disregard. Wrong Forum.

    Not the place for this...
  7. willythekid

    GEC 85 eo

    Edited. Never mind
  8. willythekid

    Important Info! 2019 Forum Knife : Poll Schedule / Content

    Hey guys... I’ve been off bladeforums for a while so I just saw the progress of this years knife. I was curious everyone’s feelings on the popularity of the sabre blade. I know most Northwoods come with this style of blade but now GEC seems to be offering more and more of them. I’m really on...
  9. willythekid

    Stag Viper #47,

    Ill take the Viper
  10. willythekid


    I’ll take the northwoods
  11. willythekid


    Im interested in the Northwoods edit: Cant see pics... can you message me some?